My weekend was sort of crazy rollercoaster for my #buildinpublic journey. On Saturday I planned to spend some time on analyzing first significant beta tester logs and assuring everything worked well with the setup. While everything was fine on Friday... 😬👇
Today is a big day in my #buildinpublic journey. First user onboarded with traffic over 30k users/month!

Keep your fingers crossed 🤞
Today's #buildinpublic experience.
Doing some internal tests.
Setting up subdomain,
auto generating cert,
and BOOM!

I look into logs and see popular vulnerabilities tested right away for that freshly created route.

Conclusion: be careful when you expose anything to the web!
A little more information for my #buildinpublic project. I've started 2 months ago solving my own problem with blocked analytics. With that time I build MVP, simple landing page for the project and huuuuge backlog with things to do...👇
Time to #buildinpublic
I recently had number of great conversations about my project... And yes, talking to people about your idea gives you great perspective to move it towards right direction. I fully confirm that!
@mihaihlodec You can #buildinpublic anything. The best if it was interesting to others. If it's not right now it might be in future, but if that doesn't work you will have something for yourself to go back to and see what went wrong 😉