Today I am looking at a few document scanner plugins for flutter in hope to spare me the work of writing my own! Let’s see how it goes! #buildinpublic
Today I translated my app to english and used the opportunity to clean up some old code! #buildinpublic
Feeling a bit stuck on the settings screen, but taking a break to brainstorm some new ideas. Sometimes a fresh perspective is all you need. #creativeblock #appdevelopment #buildinpublic
I find it hard to work on my new app after an 8h workday. Long works and exercise work for me though! #buildinpublic
After a hard day on work I paused the development on the settings screen but managed to create a dashboard for visualizing active users!

Hopefully I can resume the settings screen tomorrow!

While waiting for API access I am starting the settings screen for my app! Let’s see how it goes! #flutterdev #buildinpublic
Caught myself wanting to build unit and integration test without a finished product today. Remember: you work as a small team! Some best practices have to be delayed until you have some users… #buildinpublic
@IAmPascio I am new to twitter and really hyped to share the journey of writing my first mobile app! #buildinpublic
Just off the phone with my attorney: Some good and some bad news... Have to look for some API alternatives... German law is fun... #buildinpublic
First alpha testers impressions are in! Looks promising 🎉 #buildinpublic
Just finished the redesign of my first app! I am so stoked getting it to my alpha testers and receiving feedback! 💪 #buildinpublic
Started the last redesign of my first mobile app! Can’t wait to share it!! #buildinpublic
Just pushed the 100th build of my new app to TestFlight to test on my phone. I am really considering Xcode Server to get faster iterations… #buildinpublic #xcode
Just got Sign in with Apple working with my custom ASP.Net backend for my new iOS app! I cannot wait to share it publicly! 🎉 #buildinpublic #flutterdev #dotnet
Have to say: I miss the tools and workflows of developing for web but I love seeing my ideas as iOS apps!

#buildinpublic #flutterdev
First call with my lawyer about the terms of use for my first iOS app ever! #buildinpublic