Well, after 11 months, 708 commits and a lot of doubts, I finally clicked the “Submit for review” button for my new iOS app!

Let’s see, how many attempts I need to get the app approved 🙈

It is hard to work on my app while being in an 9-5. But it is a lot of fun, too!

Today I am working on my networking skills instead of programming. Hope it goes well 😅

Big rework of my landingpage! The only thing left is the iOS download button! Launch is near!

Yes, the website is in German. English translation is coming in a later update!

(Feedback is always appreciated!)

Todays task: completely overhaul the landingpage I created before even starting the project! Its fun and tedious at the same time😅

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Today is the last day of my holidays and even though I did not manage to release my app (my overall goal) I am so close! Hope to release it this week!

Just a few touchups on the app and finishing the new landing page!

#buildinpublic #indiedev
Just got my test device for the android port of my app ^^ hope to publish the iOS version in a few days and then I’ll look into porting the app!

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I want to share some experience I gained from the past year:
Tell your friends and family about what you are building!

This will hold you accountable even if the next shiny app idea comes around the corner!
Todays agenda: programming on the patio with an iced drink and hopefully finishing the last task before release today! Wish me luck!

#buildinpublic #indiedev
Just back from an 4 day seminar on sailing and nautical navigation!

Even though it is not directly related to app building, it is important to check out niches and who knows, maybe you find potential business ideas!

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Todays agenda: focusing my mind, taking a walk and a little distance from my app before starting the final fixes before going live in the next days! #buildinpublic #indiedevs
🌞 I really love to work on my indie stuff on the patio. ☕️ The peaceful atmosphere fuels my mind, making it effortless to dive deep into even the most challenging tasks. 😍📱 #IndieDev #buildinpublic #PatioCoding #ProductivityBoost
Today I am looking at a few document scanner plugins for flutter in hope to spare me the work of writing my own! Let’s see how it goes! #buildinpublic
Today I translated my app to english and used the opportunity to clean up some old code! #buildinpublic
Feeling a bit stuck on the settings screen, but taking a break to brainstorm some new ideas. Sometimes a fresh perspective is all you need. #creativeblock #appdevelopment #buildinpublic
I find it hard to work on my new app after an 8h workday. Long works and exercise work for me though! #buildinpublic
After a hard day on work I paused the development on the settings screen but managed to create a dashboard for visualizing active users!

Hopefully I can resume the settings screen tomorrow!

While waiting for API access I am starting the settings screen for my app! Let’s see how it goes! #flutterdev #buildinpublic
Caught myself wanting to build unit and integration test without a finished product today. Remember: you work as a small team! Some best practices have to be delayed until you have some users… #buildinpublic
@IAmPascio I am new to twitter and really hyped to share the journey of writing my first mobile app! #buildinpublic
Just off the phone with my attorney: Some good and some bad news... Have to look for some API alternatives... German law is fun... #buildinpublic