My @Shopify app is approved! 🎉
It's listed as free as I want to add one other feature before I'm adding a fee.

If anybody wants to try it out and give feedback or report bugs, that would be very much appreciated.

#AppChallenge #BuildInPublic
Sooo. My @Shopify app got rejected because I wasn't using AppBridge 2.0. When updated, the app wouldn't install because the shop param was missing. A few stressful hours ensued. Turns out, Shopify doesn't even return the shop param in the OAuth flow!
#AppChallenge #BuildInPublic
Been playing with a logo for my @Shopify app. The app is called Doppelganger and allows you to find duplicate accounts and link them together. I made 6 variations.
I liked #1 and #2 the most but went with #2. I might still switch. Any other opinions?
#AppChallenge #BuildInPublic
I made it! I submitted my @Shopify app for review.
The last two nights were tough. I'm not done yet. I want to add more, but I need a breather first.
#AppChallenge #BuildInPublic
October 1st. That means just a few days left until the @Shopify #AppChallenge deadline.
I've got my MVP ready but still have to add billing, required webhooks and I need to write my listing information.
That's doable right?
With Doppelganger you can link duplicate customer accounts together and view all costumer information, including orders, in one place.

(Coming soon)

@ShopifyDevs #AppChallenge #BuildInPublic
I didn't anticipate the whole flow and interaction of linking and unlinking customers would be so difficult to wrap my head around.

So what do you do in such a situation?

You create a flowchart!

@Shopify #AppChallenge #BuildInPublic
(flowchart made using @WhimsicalPowers )
Polaris by @Shopify is giving me wings in this first week of full-on coding. Even with the small amount of time I have to spare I've got 70% of the UI done. I still need to build in a bunch of logic though.
#AppChallenge #BuildInPublic
I thought I had a pretty unique idea for the @Shopify #AppChallenge but I found somebody building kind of the same thing.
I know the market is big enough and his approach is different but I can't help but feel a little bit of dreath.
I wasn't able to work on my app for the @Shopify #AppChallenge all weekend and tonight was supposed to be chuck full with other chores as well. But a proper ToDo list gives me super powers.
Small tasks and small wins equals motivation and progress.
"Hi Paul, Yes, definitely this would be useful - not only to myself but many other Store vendors I'm sure."
This kind of validation is a super booster for motivation, energy, you name it.
Now it's double-time on building my app for @Shopify in their #AppChallenge #BuildInPublic
In light of this week's @Shopify #AppChallenge I reached out to a few more merchants that have been vocal on the forum about duplicate customer accounts. I've asked them for input and one has already responded within an hour of me sending them a message 🤗
I joined the Shopify #AppChallenge. I'm cheating a bit for the first challenge. I already talked with a merchant some time ago.
I'll be fixing a years old issue. I'll be creating something to manage duplicate customer accounts. #BuildInPublic
Shopify App Challenge Week - 01
💭 App Ideation 💭

This week of the Shopify App Challenge we are learning more about merchant needs, and coming up with app ideas. 🤔