Yesterday I shared with you a map I created.

It represents all of you: people with correct location filled in their profile who follow me.

Congratulations @xdavis24 & @SatishJ_iitm who guessed :)

My steps & issues explained: 🧢…

Hi everyone,

Can you guess what data I depicted on this map?
As promised, here are some news about Cryptopy (@CryptopyC ) launch.

# Week 1

You want to know what slows down your website?
Try pagespeed.

Cryptopy scored 94 for laptop, that's nice, but only 66 for mobile. Need some work to improve.

And you, what is your score?

So now we launched Cryptopy, we have to think about users acquisition.

As for now: 0 paid users. 41 free users (including 2 bots) in our Discord community receiving alerts example.

7 Steps I plan to follow to get the first customers:

(Thread, not sorted)

Lesson learned today: double-check features with different role

I realized I made a wrong setup on my crypto Discord community launched a month ago: non-admin users couldn't see messages πŸ˜….

It reminds me when I started Twitter, people couldn't DM me.

Founders (in particular from France), do you have any tips regarding CGU/CGV, paying a lawyer or do you know a cheaper service for startup in creation ?

@IndieHackers @JhumanJ @PierreDeWulf

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We just got approbation to get customers for custom trading alerts at Cryptopy 😊. I'm excited to share the news with you.
Few little administrative things to finish and we'll update landing page and allow referencement on Google.

#buildinpublic how do you handle security when you deal with tokens from OAuth connexion and/or users database?
Any architecture/tools/service/article to recommend?

This is a recurrent question I'm struggling with when I want to make a project live

#DataSecurity #bootstrap
Are there people who have already submitted their app to Google for OAuth API verification?
I wonder how long the process takes to be approved and be able to share app to others.

Discord owners, how do you manage your members roles, with API? Manually?

I would love @discord to add the possibility to invite someone with a specific role.

Hello ! If you see that tweet it means I finally successfully setup Twitter API :D. #buildinpublic
Cryptos break, I’m curious to see what happens next, I hope πŸš€.

My goal now: setup Twitter API to let the bot tweets its trades automatically through @CryptopyC account.

Today was a better day for the BTC beta bot. I modified the strategy to avoid trades like $FIRO but it needs some more testing.

If it continues to perform well, I'll probably release it in trading systems Cryptopy will offer.

After a week of good results, the fall.

Lesson: $FIRO was a bad move because of the correction, I will have to fix this for my next test bot strategy version.

15th day of beta BTC bot (currently 91$)

All transactions are short terms based on signals I create, it was mainly KMD and VGX.

My objective is to prepare you trading bots to reach high performance.