Boring SaaS Business Experiment update:

Working on pricing tiers. Not wanting to waste time, I went to the good 'ol ChatGPT. Explained I was working on a B2B SaaS that needed tiers.

It offered a few choices. I'm going with Free, Standard, and Advanced.

So easy

Boring SaaS Business Experiment update (I need a shorter name)

Landing pages decision time

One will be part of the app since I need a very low barrier to entry for its PLG play.

And the other will have a traditional landing page about the product.

#buildinpublic 🧵👇

1. 1 Year, 2 B2B SaaS
2. Follow the lean principles I always share
3. Share the journey aka #buildinpublic
4. Launch both in 1 month (2 weeks each)
5. I can pivot as feedback determines
6 Hit $5k ARR for one and $1k ARR for the other
7. One gets sold on @microacquire
When's the right time to make a Twitter account for your idea? idk but I'm going with pre-launch.

Introduction @AskJack_io (more tomorrow) #buildinpublic
It’s been a fun tech day:

- Supabase
- OpenAI
- AWS Fargate
- Vercel

Seriously we live in a very cool time to be builders.


> Started the side project + launched a waitlist site, & did validation!
> Bbq'ed amazing ribs (for my oldest daughter's birthday)
> Wrote the next issue of ProductFoundry

But never got to the woodworking.

I tried to squeeze too much in this weekend😂

Weekend plans: working on my little AI side project, working on my woodworking side project, barbecuing ribs!

What’s everyone else up to?
@DBredvick idk is this really true? I haven’t measured but feels like I’ve seen a good amount.

Either way do it anyway. The community around #buildinpublic is awesome.
Time for a ProductFoundry #buildinpublic update.

It's surprising how similar building a newsletter is with a product. Why?

1) Like a SaaS you need to get people aware you exist

2) Then you have to communicate value to convert

Here's what I've learned so far 👇🏼🧵
I featured Joe in my latest newsletter because he’s being super smart in iterative development as he #buildinpublic @tweetHPcom.

As a maker it’s tempting to overbuild, but he’s out kicking ass and taking names instead.
I was featured in a newsletter for the first time!

Don't worry, I won't let the fame get to my head 😂

Check out the issue at this link…
Lesson 1

Ask for feedback! I posted on Reddit what I'm doing and got some really great feedback on my site.

Honestly the #buildinpublic communicate is awesome.

So if you have some feedback, I'm all ears!
I’m a month into launching my newsletter "the ProductFoundry".

I'm still early on. But I’ve learned a thing or two about newsletters and audience building, here are my stats and lessons learned are below.

A #buildinpublic update 🧵
I love the #buildinpublic movement. One reason is how we get to take part in each others journey. Through advise, encouragement, and sometimes active participation because you see the needs.

Glad to lend a hand @remotejoeclark
A build in public story:

My followers told me my design sucks

My users told me my design sucks

My design sucked
I can leave the technical side of SEO alone for a while. This is the best I've ever taken a website. 😁

I've really enjoyed nerding out rolling my own newsletter site for ProductFoundry. Probably overkill, but if you're having fun you keep hacking away. #buildinpublic
Getting into the home stretch of launching ProductFoundry! Going to do a "light launch" at first, building content for the main launch still. #buildinpublic
Working on Product Foundry today, hoping to ship🤞🏻 Tuesday I wasted too much time debating ways to make it. Glad I bit the bullet on using Nextjs. Previously used React w/o a framework. Now it's Nextjs + Tailwind. I'll be deploying on @vercel (vs my norm AWS). #buildinpublic
It’s side hustle Saturday for me. It can be hard to balance a side project with a demanding job, but it is doable. You just have to accept you will have time limitations and roll with them. #buildinpublic
gm again #buildinpublic Today marks day 5 of my push. Great work yesterday on the first feature. Plus lots of refactoring components to make way for feature 2. Is that progress I smell in the air?
gm, it’s day 4 of my #buildinpublic push for @InterweaveApp. Yesterday I wrapped up auth. Today I’m kicking off one of the 3 main features for launch. A simple feature to capture customer discovery notes.
My, oh, my this feels good. Authentication is fully set up. I love the modern tooling we have for dev. By making use of AWS Cognito and @tailwindui I've chopped a TON of dev time off. #buildinpublic
gm #buildinpublic, I’m about to kick off day 3 of my push. Yesterday I got past the backend and setup my frontend. Got stuck with an annoying bug in create react app 5.0.0. May go back to 4.x this morning if I can’t resolve this ESLint compile issue quickly.