Finally, the stage of preparing the product and presenting the features and designs to the store.

In my case, I am selling on the @gumroad platform

We have 80% off for early birds ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿป
promocode -> Birds80

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It's time to prepare the template for sale,

It requires the creation of some attractive designs, and this can be completed through @canva

#buildinpublic #notiontwt
So far, this is the result I've reached
In fact, I've no ideas to add bc I've already implemented all the features that I will benefit from in my work

So I will leave the template for another day in an attempt to bring ideas, and then I will launch it for sale

On the other side of the system, you display a progress bar for products that have already received sales.

And that is by filtering sales in the database of products that have achieved progress by more than zero

#buildinpublic #notiontwt
In the second section,

I displayed the "Best seller" products by filtering more than zero sales in the product database.

#buildinpublic #notiontwt
I built a side menu to display the activities.

In the first section, I displayed today's sales by using the filters in the sales database

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Let's go back two steps to ease into the product database,
Inventory, Total Sales, Estimated Profit, Target, Progress Bar are displayed.

All these properties were displayed by linking the databases into each other.

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Then I built a sales database.
It contains the name of the customer, the date, the sale price.

And I linked this database to the products database through relation property

#buildinpublic #notiontwt
How did you start working?

I built a database of products, showing the original quantity, price, product name and classification.

๐Ÿ’ก There are some details like progress bar and earnings please ignore them now I will talk about them later

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How did I get the idea?

I'm running an online store that sells notion templates and I need to manage the sales process and the real profits I'll get, especially after taxes
I would also like to know which products are best selling to me

Two days ago, I decided to start building a "dokan" template.

But I was remiss in showing the method of construction I followed because I was busy with my studies.

So I will show all the steps that I have previously completed.

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@NotionHQ provided a great feature allowing us making a great systems,
by the way I'm talking about #Formula

I started working on the progress bar to make the target visible to the merchant ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿป

#buildinpublic #notiontwt
Why we don't start a new story together โ“

This morning I started working on the sales management system at Notion

She called it "Dokan".

Dokan is the Arabic translation of the word shop.

I will take you with me on the journey of building this template

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