You'd have had a lot of misconceptions when you first start to build. Share them below to save newbies from stumbling upon them.

Let me start: "you can name your product in any way you want"

your turn 👇🏼
A ding in the curve makes me crazy 😜😜

What is the one thing that you are proud of?

For me, it's my product @HypergraphiaApp. I am proud of helping writers with it.

Your turn 👇🏼
"What can go wrong will go wrong"

Don't forget this while designing your UI.
Guess what! I just shipped a new feature to the product that has literally zero users.

When you build a consumer product, design your own custom password login along with social logins.

Because people are afraid to use their social with unestablished brands.
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Not bad for a bootstrapper with 0 friends, 0 funding, and 0 money right? 😜

Miles to go...