Day12 | #100DaysOfCode
Late post for yesterday.
Did some testing with - pretty amazing what's possible!
Day11 | #100DaysOfCode
Damn, I need to count better ;-)
Managed to publish the new personal blog under learned a lot about tailwind css & hugo templates.
The api is really cool, overall I love the experience with the Chrome Extension API so far ❤️
Day8 | #100DaysOfCode
Made some good progress with the google chrome extension. But there is a lot to learn. Communication between content & backend. Accessing cookies. Let's see how it turns out in the end :)
Day7 | #100DaysOfCode
Did some testing with google chrome extensions. Got a pretty neat idea which could work well as extension 💪🏻
It's a start to Twitter, but I have to be a bit more consistent! 🎯 #buildinpublic
I want to follow more founders that are building in public.

Recommendations? 👇

Me right now: "Want to scale your SaaS to $0 MRR? Keep it to yourself" 🫣
If you want some different looking icons, I can recommend the free icons from

#buildinpublic - Get some inspiration for your checklist design. Based on best practices.

Some helpful tools for Indie Hackers and other builders! - Generate some random avatars for your Users. I really like the style of them!

Some helpful tools for Indie Hackers. - Generate some nice Avatars, I like the style of them, but it's maybe not each ones cup of tea 🌅

I hope to learn a lot during this journey and get to know some new people! Main goal for now is:

🎯 Get some Paying Users 0
🎯 Launch Products 0/2+

Then I will start thinking about MRR 👍🏻
After multiple years of working full time, I want to focus now more on my own projects. Target is to launch 2+ this year.
#goals #buildinpublic