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Goosly is a really cool, free app if you want to create public #roadmaps that you can embed and share with your audience.

💞 If you’re into simple, inclusive tools, then you’re going to love this. 💞


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Are you working on a build-in-public project?

Check out Goosly on @ProductHunt to create a free roadmap for it!


Cheers to @sirbiro, @NikkiZavi and the rest of the @Jexoio team! 🎊🎉

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✨ Case study ✨

Here's what happened when we added product #videos to @AxelGlade with @ReeviewApp:

In just ONE month... 🗓
⏳ 1,381 hrs. & 37 mins. additional time on site
💰 346 influenced orders
👀 ~6 mins. avg. watch time
📹 13,968 videos watched

#BuildInPublic #Shopify
What happens when you add #video to your #eCommerce store with @reeviewapp? 🤔

For Headphone Zone, we're seeing:
⏳ 1,106 hrs. & 37 mins. additional time on site
💰 257 influenced orders
👀 7 mins. average watch time
📹 9,508 videos watched just ONE month.

@nocodedevs @easttum @yongfook @thisiskp_ @arvidkahl @heybereket @alfred_lua @reeviewapp Thank you! 😍 I deeply appreciate you all.

@claudiucioba & I have so much incredible new data to share soon w/ the #BuildInPublic community! 🥰 We’ll be sharing it in the form of case studies, Twitter threads, & in Twitter Spaces. Also, @TheHaydnFleming just joined the team! 🥳
Wow, thank you so much for the shout out! Always happy to discuss what @claudiucioba and I have been doing with #BuildInPublic for @reeviewapp! ♥️ #SEMRushChat
@semrush Why not! Example: @NikkiElizDemere is the CMO of Reeview App and they're building things in public -- a good way to grow thought leadership.

What do you say, Diana?

Join @chrismessina, @claudiucioba & me later for a live event to discuss @reeviewapp 🔥 — we'll introduce the product, talk about traction, and lessons learned from building for the #SocialCommerce space. 🛍

RSVP ➡️…

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Thank you so much to the #BuildInPublic and #IndieHackers communities.

We already see your support (in less than an hour and a half of being live!) and seriously appreciate it. Much love to all of you. ♥️
We're thrilled to announce that we're on @ProductHunt! We'd love for you to join the conversation.

Authentic product video reviews for your @Shopify store:

(Special thanks to our hunter, @chrismessina!)

#Shopify #ShopifyPlus #eCommerce #ProductHunt
[email protected] is on @Shopify! 🎉

Reeview is an automated platform that finds, collects and displays authentic user-generated video reviews for e-commerce businesses.


Fantastic time today chatting w/ @briandavidhall & @JsnKnght on their #podcasts + listening to @claudiucioba share what we’ve been working on at @reeviewapp.

Excited for our launch party in April w/ @chrismessina, @KikiSchirr, @adammarx13, @jaketital.


Stoked that @KikiSchirr, @adammarx13, & @jaketital (among other friends!) will be joining our online @reeviewapp launch party in April! 🎊

@claudiucioba and I will be releasing a schedule of live events to come hang out with us on video chats. 🗓

#IndieHackers #BuildInPublic
Good afternoon (from California! ⛺️🌲) #BuildInPublic entrepreneurs, #IndieHackers, & #MarketingTwitter. 🌄

What’s everyone working on today? ☀️

I am working on pre-launch initiatives with @claudiucioba for @reeviewapp. 🚀
Today I also met with @jeffsirkin and Sophia Gordon at @SirkinResearch to plan my podcast episode for Long Story Short. Super inspirational team. ♥️

Happy Monday, #MarketingTwitter, #IndieHackers, and #BuildInPublic friends! ☕️💕

What are you all up to this week? ♥️
@davidjoech Hi David! Working on pre-launch initiatives with @claudiucioba for @reeviewapp. For marketing: going on a couple of podcasts, finalizing our @ProductHunt Ship page, writing a #BuildInPublic thread on @IndieHackers, writing a few blogs and a drip campaign, etc. What about you?
Thank you so much to everyone who has followed me so far on @IndieHackers! I've followed you back. Can't wait to become active in the #IndieHackers community, I already love it. I will be sharing a lot about our #BuildInPublic efforts at @reeviewapp. ♥️