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Crawlee is an intuitive, customizable open-source library for web scraping and browser automation.

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Are you a reader and/or author? 📖

Come hang out with us at @HardcoverApp on Discord to discuss books:


➕ We're hosting a voice chat in ~15 mins. to discuss what we're up to:


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At @HardcoverApp, we're building a better Goodreads!

We want to make it shockingly simple for you to discover new books, organize the books on your shelf, and make lasting connections with other readers.

Our public roadmap:

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Check out my new discussion on @ProductHunt:

"What explainer videos have you seen on Product Hunt that you ♥️loved♥️ (and why did you love them)?"

ft. @thissen_carlo, @tldview

Share your thoughts!

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now reading:

build: an unorthodox guide to making things worth making by @tfadell 📖

(s/o to @morganb for the recommendation)

what are you all reading this week?

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Launching a product in the spring or summer? 🚀

It's the last day to join The Product Launch Mastermind community with me and @adammarx13.


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🚨 It's the last day to get a 55% discount on early bird pricing for The Product Launch Mastermind! If you're launching a software product in 1-3 months, join our community. We're going to have a blast! 🚀

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Launching a product in 1-3 months? 🚀💕

Wish you had someone to tell you if you’re planning your product launch right?

Someone who’s done this before – a lot – and knows what it takes to bring products successfully to market?

Join The Product Launch Mastermind

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Product Launch Mastermind 🚀🚀

Sign up now for a 55% early-bird discount. Save $2,500.

Refer a friend and receive $250 via PayPal when they sign up.

Details and sign up form on @typeform:

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Goosly is a really cool, free app if you want to create public #roadmaps that you can embed and share with your audience.

💞 If you’re into simple, inclusive tools, then you’re going to love this. 💞


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Are you working on a build-in-public project?

Check out Goosly on @ProductHunt to create a free roadmap for it!


Cheers to @sirbiro, @NikkiZavi and the rest of the @Jexoio team! 🎊🎉

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✨ Case study ✨

Here's what happened when we added product #videos to @AxelGlade with @ReeviewApp:

In just ONE month... 🗓
⏳ 1,381 hrs. & 37 mins. additional time on site
💰 346 influenced orders
👀 ~6 mins. avg. watch time
📹 13,968 videos watched

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What happens when you add #video to your #eCommerce store with @reeviewapp? 🤔

For Headphone Zone, we're seeing:
⏳ 1,106 hrs. & 37 mins. additional time on site
💰 257 influenced orders
👀 7 mins. average watch time
📹 9,508 videos watched just ONE month.

@nocodedevs @easttum @yongfook @thisiskp_ @arvidkahl @heybereket @alfred_lua @reeviewapp Thank you! 😍 I deeply appreciate you all.

@claudiucioba & I have so much incredible new data to share soon w/ the #BuildInPublic community! 🥰 We’ll be sharing it in the form of case studies, Twitter threads, & in Twitter Spaces. Also, @TheHaydnFleming just joined the team! 🥳
Wow, thank you so much for the shout out! Always happy to discuss what @claudiucioba and I have been doing with #BuildInPublic for @reeviewapp! ♥️ #SEMRushChat
@semrush Why not! Example: @NikkiElizDemere is the CMO of Reeview App and they're building things in public -- a good way to grow thought leadership.

What do you say, Diana?

Join @chrismessina, @claudiucioba & me later for a live event to discuss @reeviewapp 🔥 — we'll introduce the product, talk about traction, and lessons learned from building for the #SocialCommerce space. 🛍

RSVP ➡️…

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Thank you so much to the #BuildInPublic and #IndieHackers communities.

We already see your support (in less than an hour and a half of being live!) and seriously appreciate it. Much love to all of you. ♥️
We're thrilled to announce that we're on @ProductHunt! We'd love for you to join the conversation.

Authentic product video reviews for your @Shopify store:

(Special thanks to our hunter, @chrismessina!)

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[email protected] is on @Shopify! 🎉

Reeview is an automated platform that finds, collects and displays authentic user-generated video reviews for e-commerce businesses.


Fantastic time today chatting w/ @briandavidhall & @JsnKnght on their #podcasts + listening to @claudiucioba share what we’ve been working on at @reeviewapp.

Excited for our launch party in April w/ @chrismessina, @KikiSchirr, @adammarx13, @jaketital.