#buildinpublic update!

Going to (try to) share 7-day trailing website analytics every day. This view from @PanelbearHQ.

Soft-launched yesterday, big 📈 in visits today--more than my first venture got in first two full weeks! Helps to have an audience 🙂
So yeah, I lost probably 100M impressions and 10K followers by not taking Twitter seriously until last month.


Been building/growing @PeopleFishHQ in relative isolation since 2016. Didn't know about #buildinpublic back then!
Announced today.

Still haven't emailed my mailing list, but shared for the first time in public this morning to get feedback on the landing page.

Here's day 1 traffic data (dashboard via @PanelbearHQ)

(Am I doing #buildinpublic right?)
Has anyone made a #buildinpublic dashboard pulls sales and traffic data into a shareable image/card for Twitter?

This HAS to exist already, right?
@MeetKevon @AlessandraEsse With my newest project, I've actually skipped the naming altogether. Just using a phrase that describes exactly what we do!

(Launching/Revealing on Monday -- won't be 100% done, but isn't that what #buildinpublic is about?)
I need to follow more people on Twitter.

Who are some #buildinpublic people you recommend?
@PeopleFishHQ I'm launching that soon -- I think Monday. But I'm doing it differently -- #buildinpublic. Because I have something to show for myself, dangit!

And I really do want to "give back." ~100 people have asked me over the past years with one question:

How do I start my own business?

I'm starting to share more of my story.

How I founded & grew a 7-figure company working mostly alone since 2016.

First hurdle: Some people literally won't believe me.

Wish I'd been more open about this process as it happened. #buildinpublic wasn't a thing in 2016.
This feels wrong.

But I'm going to share my new project before it's done.

Isn't that what #buildinpublic is all about?

I'm more excited about this than anything I've done before. It's the culmination of 6 YEARS working with early-stage founders to help validate product ideas.
So I've narrowed down possible URLs for my new project to two.

One is 25 letters long.
One is 4 letters long.

Which should I pick?

(One more thing -- HUGE thanks to the @IndieHackers community for encouraging me to share more about my experience. I'm launching something new soon, and going to try this #buildinpublic thing this time around!)
It's been a crazy journey.

I've made a TON of mistakes (and I still do).

But I really believe I've learned more in 5 years than many people learn in 20.

Unfortunately I just never shared any of this along the way. #buildinpublic wasn't really a thing when I launched.
Who are the best #buildinpublic founders to follow on Twitter?

I'm a big @shl fan, and I have tons of @IndieHackers connections building in public.

But who's someone I canNOT afford to miss?
I've worked mostly alone since 2016, building a market research brand that's done 7-figures of revenue.

Definitely missed out on a big opportunity to #buildinpublic.

This time will be different. I'm launching something new, and I'm ALL about transparency & continuous feedback.
My only problem with #buildinpublic is that I'm too busy building to make time for the "in public" part!

Any tools out there that automate this process? Auto-generated updates pulling from Google Analytics, Google Ads, CRM, and Stripe?
Giving this #buildinpublic thing a try...

I formally launched @SrvySys on Feb 1.

Pushed a HUGE update just a few days later, once it became apparent that users expected a ton more handholding through the process. I had this on the backburner, but obviously needed to happen ASAP