Growth of paid members on @UNTalentJobs is almost zero: people arriving replace those leaving 😢

All my websites during the last 30 days:
5M+ visits, 10M+ requests 😇
But with flat curves 👿

#buildinpublic vs #braginpublic

(Source: @Cloudflare)
✈️ Coding in the plane offers a productivity boost: no internet = no distractions, and people around are watching.

#buildinpublic #buildinaplane…
Improved the application tracking system:

- Members can archive jobs in the application tracking system
- Advices about the current application step are provided
- The next application step is suggested
Last week-end I prepared a paid plan for @UNTalentJobs with advanced search, no ads, etc.

The price is kind of dynamic: a discount is automatically applied for users located in a country with lower international purchasing power.

Email alerts cost me 138.26$ in December.

These costs can easily be reduced with 1 hour of work: as some people subscribed multiple times, removing duplicates will result in sending less weekly emails.

There were 57'213 alerts. Cleaning script is now running.

Today is a good day: a total of 1M people visited @UNTalentJobs.

It took 18 months to reach that milestone.
- Amount spent: ~1K$ 🥵
- Amount earned: 0$ ☹️

Here are the amount of people coming back to the website via links on the weekly email alerts.

While the audience continued to growth, the amount of users coming back did not 🥲

How to beat that plateau?

1) Some people contacted me, mostly non-english speakers misunderstanding the purpose 🤔
2) Manually replied, got bored 😑
3) Automated email replies ⚙️
4) Someone requested 2000 times to promote a job, and... got 2000 emails 😰

After hosting my DBs on AWS without any middleman, the uptime became normal again.

A >1% downtime was not acceptable at all, just because of artificial limits. I'm now close to 0% again.

Currently testing promoted jobs on @UNTalentJobs: recruiters can now boost the visibility of their jobs!

It will show the opening on top of each search, and will recommend + highlight it 📣📣