#buildinpublic - Day 13 - 14.

Nothing new to report over these two days, just coding away!
#buildinpublic - Day 11 - 12.
Planning, and writing a better landing page.

Getting ready to implement the basics of the app with serverless functions.
#buildinpublic - Day 9 - 10.
Nothing two crazy over these days, just trying to remain consistent, that's why I post in two day lots. ๐Ÿ˜…

Worked on serverless functions within Google cloud and how they'll run, log data, and save files. Tiny steps!
#buildinpublic - Day 7 - 8.
Redesigning the landing page to show what is about. Hasn't been pushed yet.

Templating out the #serverless functions that will be the back bone of the analysis, using #GoogleCloud storage as well as #firebase Firestore.
#buildinpublic - Day 5 - 6.
I haven't done much technical work over these last two days mostly consuming content, and reading.

Planning out what I want to achieve / focus on in the next couple of weeks and what is really important to the project.
#buildinpublic - Day 3 - 4.
Created dynamic meta tags for URL cards. (Still needs more work๐Ÿ˜ถ),
Configured a mail service! Now I can notify people on launch!

Next, basic functionality with #Serverless functions and setting up the api.
Maybe a blog too?
Going to follow @SeaCatBiz's lead on this one- Oh boy ๐Ÿ˜… Going for 30 Days, lets see!
#buildinpublic - Day 1-2.

Created the bare basics, landing page, roadmap, newsletter. It's bare and barely working but my idea and goal is out, Follow along!