Launched my first RevOps education cohort last week.

8-weeks focused on Implementing #RevOps Best practices on @HubSpot.

$999 per person
7 Sign - ups

Happy with the results.
Looking forward to scaling this.

You can make 6 figures from a service based business in six months - with zero investment.

In 2021 I did it.

Now I'm working hard to earn my first million $$$ - building live in public.

People care which tech stacks companies have - so I'm building a job board to filter niche positions by tech stack.....

....... you can tell a lot about a business by the technologies they choose.

Just a little side project, to my side project πŸ˜‰

I just booked a train to πŸ‡«πŸ‡· Lille. Excited to go and see @dagorenouf IRL to talk #founderlife #bootstrapper #buildinpublic
It's live - out new RevOps as a Service page. It's not perfect yet.

But it's public. And that's the most important thing.

We can correct it, as comments from our audience come it.

Ship it, before it's perfect.

We're building an audience of RevOps, SalesOps and MarketingOps, SuccessOps leaders - before we build our SaaS.


Because I want to build something that they want - from day 0

#audiencefirst #buildinpublic
Researching if my idea πŸ’‘ is possible on @bubble.

If you weren't aware - here's how you can embed Bubble assets on another website.

I love the #buildinpublic movement. But at the same time - it shouldn't be an expectation that everyone build everything in public.

There are parts of businesses that will always be private.

AKA Intellectual Property.
I can't believe this is the $$$$ result after launching a FREE @NotionHQ template 4 days ago - on @gumroad

One pre-sale of the $199 template + donations - from my generous followers. I appreciate you!

All who donated will be getting a special treat soon!

How to grow your twitter audience by 200+ in less than 24 hours.

Step 1. Build a @NotionHQ dashboard

Step 2. Give it away from free.

Literally happened to me today.
If I can do it, anyone can.

Now I sleep.

If you want to become rich, without fundraising β›” stop reading books by people who turned funded businesses into billions

Following people πŸ‘« who are learning as we go.

Some bootstrappers who #buildinpublic worth following.


Who else?
What are you building today?

A landing page? An ebook? A blog? An App?

Or something else?

Whatever it is post it below. Share your creations!

It's been a long time coming - but I'm finally putting the last design touches to The Annual Revenue Operations Report 2022 - 2023.

What started off as a small project has turned into a massive #RevOps community project - with insights from top Revenue Leaders.

It's a great day to shout about what you are building.

Do yourself a favour - tweets about what you're working on πŸ™Œ

Today we're working on the website for the launch πŸš€ of @revopsauto.

Here's a sneak peek πŸ‘€ of V1 - in draft.

Current #nocode stack =
@webflow + @HubSpot

More to come #buildinpublic
We're building @revopsauto technology + automation consultancy, in public.

If you want to learn from our experiences growing - click my profile + hit follow πŸ™Œ.

Out launch πŸš€ is planned for Jan 2022.

We're grateful for your support.

SaaS Idea - Automated Marketing Strategy Software.
1. Define goal
2. Pick audience
3. Enter budget
4. Select channels - shortlisted based on audience + budget
5. Select tactic
6. Auto generate marketing plan

Who wants this system?
We don't have a website - not yet. We do have customers. We know that businesses need help implementing automated operations for Revenue Growth. We are partnered with @HubSpot.

More details coming soon!