Experiment: Tested adding @ClerkDev authentication to before users can generate a design. If this doesn't lead to higher intent (purchases), will look at adding a purchase prior to search.

Got a bunch of traffic to that hit my OpenAI spending cap, yet zero sales. I'll consider this a donation to the site visitors' entertainment.

Another night, another hackathon.

Query data across multiple sources in seconds.

Working with Stripe and Mailchimp so far. Sign up for the waitlist if interested in early access.

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Failed at keeping it under 30 seconds, but here's a cringy, crude, slightly embarrasing product-explainer for…

Hit me up if this looks interesting to you or your organization 🙋🏽‍♂️

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Companies that don't discriminate against employees that have side hustles are awesome. Always good to try validating a side hustle idea with the CEO over Friday night beers without the fear of getting fired 🤣 #buildinpublic
Don't mean to brag, but maybe it's time to upgrade to flying business class. #5dollarclub #buildinpublic
Opened VS Code after a 10 day break to fix up a few things before launches on @ProductHunt tomorrow. Any early feedback appreciated #buildinpublic
Finally got around to shipping a very basic MVP for - the async task management tool you've been waiting for. Would love some beta feedback from the #buildinpublic community 🙏
Just added @LogSnag to @swag_ai_dot_com. @ImSh4yy very cool product! Only bummer was that I ran into the character limit for tags. Not a biggie though.

@swag_ai_dot_com updates for the day: T-shirt mockups so you can see what your design might look like in real life.

Let's see what impact this has on engagement + conversions.

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Braving the Vienna cold to live the influencer life and promote Indie hacker problems.

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How do you deal with random #async requests that come from co-workers/family/friends that you just don't want to deal with right now? 📅

#buildinpublic #asynccommunication #tools #Productivity #taskmanagement
A couple of updates based on feedback from @AshishDasnurkar.

1. Style picker - not everyone is an AI-prompt engineer. Users can now select what style of design they want.

2. Generate 3x designs instead of 1.

Check it out!

@nathanjpowellUX How about checking out a far inferior, but pretty cool hackathon project for much cheaper.

When you look at yourself in the mirror today, think about how boring your current t-shirt is, and how much better this custom AI-designed one from would look. #blackfriday sale ending soon. #buildinpublic #fashion #ai #FIFAWorldCup
For anyone wondering what an #AI generated design looks like on a t-shirt from @swag_ai_dot_com.

P.s. BLACKFRIDAY22 for $5 off #matesrates #buildinpublic #indiehackers #producthunt
Saturday hackathon #2: (forgive the tongue-twister name, I thought it was funny).

AI-powered writing coach. Improve your grammar, sentence structure, and creativity with the help of AI.

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