@HainingMax I'm building It's an app for multi-campus organisations to catalogue and audit their physical media like signs, posters, banners, leaflets, display boards etc. #buildinpublic
The @bubble plugin is live and working great! Huge thanks to @NocodeTalks for helping me through. I hope everyone else has made some great progress too. I now realise, I should have asked for help sooner; lesson learnt. PS this community is amazing! #buildinpublic #nocode
I'm building a @bubble plugin. It's kicking my A$$! This is an official #buildinginpublic vulnerability tweet. What's kicking your butt today? #NoCode
I just created multiple records from a list of api results as part of an @oauth_2 authorisation using @bubble and it worked! 😂🫣🤯#buildinpublic #NoCode
I'm watching @hotjar recordings of lovely new signups to abandon it because the setup is too difficult. It feels like the hours of work evaporating is inversely proportional to experience gained. 🧵 #buildinpublic
I'm building a service that uses an @airtable #API call to a @bubble backend workflow. Basically, I think I'm using Bubble plugins like an Airtable Plugin! FYI some Bubble plugins do not work with Bubble backend workflows. #buildInPublic
Freelance invoice creator @airtable base template finished today. Onto the documentation and website. Launching next week. #buildinpublic #freelancer #nocode
I've built the Business Formulas @coda Pack. It only has a GetIncome() formula right now to calculate Income using Cost and Required Profit %. What other formulas should I add? #buildinpublic #startup #business #finance…
@hectorreyesf @coda Here it is! Business formulas @coda Pack. GetIncome() formula only, more formulas to follow. Thanks for the suggestion.… #buildinpublic
Here it is! I've built the Business Formulas @coda Pack. It includes the formula GetIncome() which calculates Income using Cost and Required Profit %. Add it to a Doc now! What other formulas should I add?… #buildinpublic
Does anybody need any help with their NoCode project today? #NoCode #buildinpublic #100DaysOfNoCode
Does anybody need any help with their NoCode project today? #NoCode #buildinpublic
If you're having unexpected API responses, check if you need 'Content-Type : application/json' in your request header. I missed checking for it today and wasted some of @yodanparry's build time. He added it and all was well. ☺️ #buildinpublic @bubble
The little bit of sunlight we've shone on over the past 24hrs has burnt. I'm so thankful for the time people have taken to try our product and give feedback. Here's some 'highlights' 🧵#buildinpublic cc @MichaelJNovotny
Notion Quick Add beta private invitations are being prepared! Get that idea out of your head and into @NotionHQ fast! Waitlist is still live for public beta here: #buildinpublic cc @MichaelJNovotny
Launch a product and a fiend buys it to support you! What a wonderful feeling!! ❤️@zensiblesol #buildinpublic
This is an @airtable base that generates as many random users as you like, each with 22 different fields of data. Works with Airtable free plan too! #buildinpublic #Random #data…
Buy my Random user generator Airtable base on @Gumroad
Notion Quick Add @bubble build stats: 20% of build time spent on workflow, testing, UI build, data setup, privacy rules, subscriptions & responsiveness. 80% of time spent tinkering. #buildinpublic You getting this @yodanparry? 😅
Building & testing in @googlechrome and want to quickly delete cookies? Click the search bar padlock > Cookies. Reload the page to present as a new visitor. #buildinpublic #NoCode #lowcode #webdeveloper
@JJEnglert @bubble Good work. Coincidentally I read about satellite data types today in @AmlieSolutions amazing book. After I'd built my base! Fascinating subject. #buildinpublic…