Missed the hashtag my bad😅 okay #startups #buildinpublic ☝️
I don't know what the heck am doing right now 😅 Should have started with marketing first to figure out the product
The first article I wrote for @rowdeoapp to sell what the product is about failed big time. Now I'm taking off time to do research then publish something way better. 💪 #buildinpublic

Failed ❌:…
I don't know what to call it, but it's that release blog that explains what @rowdeoapp is and what the mission is. 🙈🥳
But here's quick summary, We help you understand your contracts so you don't get wrecked! #buildinpublic…
Just updated @rowdeoapp landing page. You can now upload a contract and have it interpreted . But tomorrow I'm writing an article on what the mission is and how the platform works.
Honestly I love what I'm building but honestly I've taken too much time 5months on & off ,plus zero validation yikes 😅 But today I now balls to pick up where I left off from, idk this marketing thing but I'll try anyways.
#buildinpublic . If you're out there slacking, act now!
Follow my journey as I build @rowdeoapp. I'm not a lawyer, but just developer but through experimentation I'm sure something will pop up. #buildinpublic
Feel like giving in , had given myself 3 days to complete @rowdeoapp MVP but a stupid dialog angular library keeps throwing errors & has messed up my plans. Let me sleep will resume tomorrow. ,#buildinpublic
Decided to work on something new with a strange name SendChai. and this is the MVP so far a markdown file. #buildinpublic
After lots of attempts to solve big grandiose problems (healthcare), I'm changing strategy, how about trying something small, regular $1k+ startups? My hypothesis is that they'll teach me to run things then hop back to big problems. #buildinpublic
Just decided to move on completely stop working on Medical Clutter & move to something else as it's really not possible to bootstrap in healthcare, I've highlighted the process in my blog post.
Inspired by Justin , I also seriously need a side hustle to support my self. What I can I solve for you? Build static websites, web apps with @angular #NodeJS & this side-hustle was brought to you by #buildinpublic 😀
Need to start a side hustle to support myself

What would you like me to solve?
It's 00:00hrs & just completed all the milestones for frontend. Now starting backend work tomorrow. Out of resources, how did y'all founders get @awscloud credits?🙏 #buildinpublic
Been suffering with inconsistencies in shipping the first MVP. I compared my first commit that's on Jun 14, now over 25days passed and progress is slow. #buildinpublic A few steps I'm trying to fix this 👇
Added more screens for adding different categories of medical documents i.e medical bills, disease screenings (text and images) then doctors notes. All these views share the layout, lots of copy & pasting. #buildinpublic
Well nothing shipped today & got rejected by a girl damn 😑 but I did set up LaserEyes LLC using @FirstbaseHQ pretty excited! 😀😀 #buildinpublic
I also thinking of optimizing everything and ship in a week, use 3rd party APIs where possible so that I can talk to users! #buildinpublic
Currently working on Medical clutter. A privacy first, and easy way to scan your medical documents & keep them for a life time so you don't have to pay for the same screening tests. #buildinpublic