Time-blocking is like Tetris for productivity!

Schedule your day into dedicated chunks of time
Tackle each task one block at a time!

πŸš€ Boost your productivity!

Don't be afraid to ask for help when you need it.

Seek guidance from a mentor, coach, or fellow entrepreneurs.

It takes courage to admit you need support, but it is a key ingredient for success!

This is how to delay your launch πŸ™…β€β™‚οΈ

Wanted a logo for my product, but while searching, ended up watching videos on Figma and how to design vector logos

Liked it so much that I kept trying all the techniques just for fun and not making progress on the launch.

#buildinpublic Anyone? Or should I add myself?
I am looking for 2 people who are in the early stages of building a SaaS.
Ready to wear ALL the hats as a solopreneur?

Don't let overwhelm and self-doubt hold you back.

- Keep learning,
- Sail through setbacks,
- Stay open to feedback.

With a growth mindset, you can achieve anything you set your mind to

Unlock the Power of Vulnerability

Your struggles and setbacks can actually make you more relatable and attractive to your audience.

Success is good but share your failures as well.

Ready to build in public? Don't let your momentum slip!

Here's how to keep the fire burning:

β€’ Celebrate small wins
β€’Β Keep a growth mindset
β€’Β Focus on progress, not perfection

Stay motivated and consistent.

3 distinct approaches to building a business:

β€’ Address a problem
β€’ Cater to a personal need
β€’ Capitalize on a market gap

This is how you begin #buildinpublic
Being in motion vs Taking Action

Watching people exercise in Gym
-> No improvement in your fitness until you start doing it yourself

Watching YouTube tutorials on programming is useless
-> If you don't implement that sample project yourself

Take action!

For #buildinpublic community...
No one is a hero when it comes to habits

Your will power isn’t that strong enough to do it solo β€” no one’s is

Just find/join a community where your desired habits are the baseline habits & norms of your peers

Seeing the power of this at
Are you launching a new product?

Ask yourself:

β€’ How acute is the problem you're solving?

β€’ Do people care enough about the problem?

β€’ Is there competition? If so, what can you do better?

β€’ Do you want this product personally or know someone who does?

Don't quit your day job just yet!

Start a side hustle and test the waters of entrepreneurship while still having financial stability

β€’ Validates first
β€’Β Grow gradually
β€’ Build a network
β€’ Learn marketing

Start your side hustle today #buildinpublic
Want to know the secret to success?

It is: Consistency

Don't waste time searching for shortcuts.

Instead, commit to showing up every day and putting in the work.

The real secret is in the daily grind. #buildinpublic
@adam_kershner Yes! Latest example for me is finding people to network from #buildinpublic space

When u find people sharing common goals, and common problems it becomes easy to talk on the regular basis.

When the topics of discussion are same, its easy to network!

Tip: Find common grounds!
Networking as a Solopreneur increases your odds of success!

Don't mistake Solopreneurship for working in isolation.

Assemble a squad of like-minded individuals! #buildinpublic
3 types of ideas that have the highest probability of success

Ideas that are:
β€’Β  hard to start
β€’Β  in a boring domain
β€’Β  full of competitors

Because these ideas require
- unique solutions
- innovation
- and creative marketing to stand out from the crowd. #buildinpublic
Let's end the week with gratitude!

This is also a part of #buildinpublic

Whatever you build, without community support it won't succeed.

Thanks for engaging with my content and following!
Procrastination won't bring results, but taking action will. πŸš€

Successful founders don't wait for the perfect moment. They create it!

πŸ” Develop a bias towards action! πŸ’ͺ

Just ship it #buildinpublic
3 Questions to evaluate your business ideas

β€’Β Is it a long-term idea?
β€’Β Is it scalable?
β€’Β Is it in a growing idea space?

Prioritize ideas that have longevity, and scalability, and are in a viable market space to increase your chances of success.
#solopreneur #buildinpublic
Nowadays, I am clicking on every link linked with a product launch

Just to see:
β€’Β the landing page copy
β€’ the pricing page design
β€’ whether they use tailwind or not
#solopreneur #buildinpublic life πŸ™†