Wondering if the color contrast on your landing page is actually readable? You can try out different color combinations here.

@cosmin_codes Defiantly the new one, you can use this… as a guideline, at least I find it really helpful.
Login question:

When would you use a token for login (like magiclink) and when would you use a password?

I know most #startups are just counting the user growth, but without a large audience for @Bootstrapping_T, it's been a pretty good launch with plenty of greetings from other Founders.
Thank you for taking the time to say good luck.

Sometimes it's the unexpected tweets there that create traffic. This tweet increased traffics to the @Bootstrapping_T website by 1900%, didn't receive any subscribers but at least it got confirmed that those tweets are worth more than you think.

#startup #buildinpublic
Sometimes even highly skilled project managers can be a bit too skilled, so to speak.
#Dilbert #projectmanagement
What are your favorite analytics dashboards, and why?