@Ritu_Jhajharia The #buildinpublic hashtag is kind of associated (in my mind) with building SaaS companies. I would love to see how #nocode benefits already trading service/ bricks and mortar /manufacturing companies.
We read a lot about #buildinpublic with #nocode tools, but what about #improveinpublic where you use #nocode tools to simplify you existing business processes?
That’s what I am spending my time doing. Anyone else?
@benswrite Its the #buildinpublic thing, use your personal following to build your business, and use your business to build your personal following. One account for now till *maybe* a decent revenue.
@Natalie_Furn That is fantastic growth. Growth through cash flow as opposed to external investment? (assuming this is something you want to reveal?) #buildinpublic
@DoricSkateboard #Buildinpublic. Would be great seeing the design and production process behind your stuff.
I have been running a business centre operation for 17 years. We have pivoted and will now only be offering virtual services. This means a change in marketing strategy/tactics. Is there a #buildinpublic type demand to see how we try to grow 2x in the next 6 month? @BureauPlus
So I decided to unfollow a few accounts recently that were just too aggressively focused on politics. Following far more in the #creator, #NoCode and #buildinpublic community and I have found my people. And I feel much better for it.
@JanelSGM @JKaplan1 I really liked what you did here. Add someones knowledge to your production ability to produce the finished article. Opens up so many opportunities for you as a 'publisher'. In the spirit of #buildinpublic what was your revenue split if i may ask?