This would be my #buildinpublic journey:
1/ Take an NDA and create sections (8-15)
2/ Take 5-10 samples for each section (80-150)
3/ Fine tune a model & test it on the @OpenAI playground
4/ Create a SaaS allowing users to generate NDA's for $99/mo…
Fine tuning your @OpenAI model simple in 5 steps, no code required. #buildinpublic
I want to make fine-tuning in OpenAI simple.
Simple instructions and an interface. DM me for access. #buildinpublic
What do you struggle with in terms of your #buildinpublic journey?
We implemented a 3 month plan.


A student said that he would buy it for 3 months, as that's how long he estimated it would take to land a job.

The biggest struggle that I see the #buildinpublic founders face is getting their first 10 customers.

Post your website below.

@DG_9_6 and I will tell you how we would go about getting the first 10 customers. First 10 posts only.
Generating multiple PDF format's for your Cover Letter @ai_ycl #buildinpublic
#buildinpublic marketing tip #1

For, one of the first places where we validated the need was on Reddit.

Use Reddit to validate the market and get early feedback
@dr I always track 1 metric, not associated with revenue.

Example from the last 2 micro-saas we exited:

For Pitch2.0 -> pitches created and shared

For -> queries generated per user

For YourCoverLetter, we are now tracking PDF's generated #buildinpublic
Someone I work with asked me this, 'when do you find time to sleep Tanveer?'.

Do I tell him that I am working on 3 micro-saas, while having a 9-5? #buildinpublic #saas
My go to tech stack for #buildinpublic

- Bubble io (app)
- WordPress (landing page)
- SendGrid (email API)
- OpenAI (GPT3)

Sold 2x products in 2022 on @microacquire
What is one more tab, when you are building an MVP on @bubble, researching on Google, Quora and @Reddit & talking to early customer on @Twitter, @SlackHQ and @Meta #buildinpublic
@_Alex_Adamov One from my list of (long) failure. I thought, why would someone not need this (I was wrong). But yes, I did bite the bullet. #buildinpublic
I love giving weird names to my @bubble projects

@onetap_ai -> Project Elrond

{In development} -> Project Kong

Software we use to run @onetap

- Bubble io
- WordPress
- SendGrid
- OpenAI

Started in Feb, signed LOI on @microacquire @agazdecki #buildinpublic

No excuses @BuildSell30
My biggest #buildinpublic flaw is that I find it hard to put pen to paper. Too many ideas. Very little conversion.
Improving the SEO of today.

I am going to generate 1 page for each query we have had so far. So about 1000 pages. #buildinpublic #saas
@onetap_ai our @bubble SaaS just cross 1000 queries and helped 236 users with their formulas for Excel and Google Sheets.

#nocode #buildinpublic #saas #buildwithbubble