If you think that there are other reasons (or think that you can prove me wrong ....Let's open a discussion!), Furthermore - You can visit my journey at my new Blog : #buildinpublic #indiehacker #geeralist #startup #unpopularopinion #thread #follo4follo
🆕 In this new week I start to divide the time of the week into **Type of activities** instead of goals/specific tasks. i.e : 40% Marketing 40% Dev 20% Legal & Finance. (and just continue with the tasks for those fields while also enforce the allocation above). #buildinpublic
🛑ENOUGH with the BULLSHIT!🛑 I decide to whenever I encounter a small-problem that block me from making a progress (doing sys-admin on my mailing server, fixing some templates in web-dev) -> I'm OUTSOURCE IT and PAY for it in MONEY! NOT MY TIME! #indiehacker #buildinpublic
Tweet like no-one listen you you👂, build like everyone is watching you👀 (and give you phenomenal feedback!🤙) #buildinpublic #indiehacker
@ValaAfshar This is exactly why the reason I prefer to rather **de-focus** (decentralized my focus into various topics that emerged and contribute to each other in a compound effect) More on my journey here:
#indiehacker #BuildInPublic #Thegeneralist
Just added a new stage for my blog-post KANBAN (to promote it by commenting to related tweets #buildinpublic #Obsidian 👌😃
@daniel_nguyenx I'll mix. 1) Getting started in 2 to get familiar with myself, tools and the pace I want to set. 2) Do it in a manner of #buildinPublic, then 3) going for a period of 2-3 years No.1 while make the contract following the statistics of phase 1. (i.e. maximize both approaches).
If you are interested and want to follow the process and insihgts, the whole process and the methods are going to be published on my blog - #BIP #BuildInPublic #indiehackers #indiehacker