Day 19 of #buildinpublic and nocode

Used airtable for the jobs view and the job description.

Used nocodb for the application form.

Why did I do this?

I get the freedom to store larger amounts of data on my own nocodb instance.

The jobs themselves don't need so much.
Day 18 of #buildinpublic

Managed to get the carrd site completed and hooking it up with the airtable database.

Next would be adding in the forms from within nocodb to collect user information.

AT for fixed item display, and nocodb for a larger dataset collection.

Go nocode!
Day 16 & 17 of #buildinpublic .

I've hit a wall with nocodb and getting it integrated with carrd.

Now the plan would be to have the MVP with carrd and airtable and then move to nocodb and webflow or carrd depending on the pay off.

Product building as usual :D
Day 16 of #buildinpublic.

Not much progress today. Instead started looking a little into typeform and using it with @n8n_io for surveys.

Tomorrow, should be a much more fruitful day.
Day 15 of #buildinpublic

It's been quite slow, but I got a dockerized postgresql connected to my nocodb as an external database.

I really need to get to finishing the integration of webflow with my nocodb next.

#NoCode does have a learning curve, but it's just day 15 ;)
Day 14 of #buildinpublic

Has been a crazy 1 hour fight against dockerized traefik, n8n, nocodb on the same EC2 instance

Finally got it all working, and now all the endpoints are on https

It really is satisfying to get your results!

All for #NoCode !
Day 13 of #buildinpublic


- production setup of working
- cloned my webflow template

Had issues with

- getting n8n behind an ssl connection, but got fixed

Now, working on getting @nocodb behind ssl as well

Go #nocode on AWS, own your data!
Day 12 of #buildinpublic


- an AWS EC2 instance setup
- docker installed
- #nocodb running
- @n8n_io tested
- database tables created

for my test product all in under an hour.

Go #NoCode and AWS!
Day 8 of #buildinpublic , my validation from earlier for 1 product has partly failed

Decided to do a slight pivot on the niche and send out some more validations

In the meanwhile, I've pinned down the #NoCode and #lowcode stack that I need to put up my MVP.