Celebrating a win 🎉 - published my first blog post right before we go live on July 1st. Open to feedback and some light roasting (heavy roasting is saved for Tuesdays)…

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Twitter world - what's your take?

🚀 Share posts on your Build in public journey OR
💡Share posts/content around what you're actually building?

Who's doing both? Would love to learn from others here!

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A nifty little plug in I've added recently is Atomic - for anyone looking to have a bit more visibility into their Slack engagement (w/o splurging)

📅This Week's Goals:
- Set up social media presence
- Make socials copy (2 mo. timeframe)
- Make blog content outline
- Find new event hosting platform

MILESTONE GOAL --> July 1st launch of paid model📷🚀
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Process >> Progress >> Perfection

^^Just a reminder for anyone else taking an L out there today. Stick to your systems and you'll get thru it 💪🏼

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Onboarding sequence JUST to say "hi, welcome":
Wix --> Stripe --> Zapier --> Sendinblue --> Slack....

There's gotta be a better way?

📅This Week's Goals:
- Share special memberships with OG members
- Create & connect onboarding flow
- Make blog content outline

Any tips or tools to get the above done?

MILESTONE GOAL --> July 1st launch of paid model🚀

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Things they don't tell you ...the solo founder journey is incredibly isolating ouuf.

Irony drop: I'm building for mental wellness and connection 😂

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Just announced to our community of 270+ members we're switching to a paid model July 1st ... let the 🦗 or 🥊 begin!

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Looking for tips or templates to use to reach out to partners and secure exclusive discounts/ perks/ partnerships with them? Trying to secure perks for our paying members.

Or DM me for a chat!

📅This Week's Goals:
- Finalize membership models
- Launch new website
- Set up Company/Corporate offering
- Create content outline

MILESTONE GOAL --> July 1st launch of paid model 🚀

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Anyone building for human good/impact > profits? 👀

Turns out Trybe members want a newsletter (shocking!). What do people recommend: 📚Substack vs. 🐝Beehiiv?

Looking for ease of use, exposure and integration with native website (SEO perks)

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#buildinpublic sharing time - sent a WTP survey to my free userbase and results were lower than expected and industry norms.

Now I'm considering building for a new audience or around my existing audience. Any insights?

Any non-coder folks building right now? My feed is all coders who can literally build and ship fast. I'm really feeling my skills gap rn 😅
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#buildinpublic update - the journey from free to paid 💰
Sent WTP survey to existing members using #vanwestendorp method to get more clarity on value and #pricing. If you'd like a copy of the survey drop me a line. Stay tuned for results ... 📈
Fail of the Day - Not knowing how to create a thread on Twitter 🤦‍♀️
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☝️Weekly recap - on building a revenue-generating product from a free community. See THREAD for the list!
Hot take🔥: Community is huge rn, BUT a lot of pressure on the 'face' of the person repping it. The future belongs to Products/Service that are Fuelled by Community - I'm on the fence as I start to build, thoughts?
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