I followed NY time article this morning "Download Your Twitter Archive"

Here are the 5 steps:

•Login from desktop
•Click 'More' in the left column
•Select "Settings"
•Go to 'Your Account"
•Select "Download an archive"

Good luck🤓

Kids struggle with math not because of missing math genes or because one particular teacher mistaught them.

Kids struggle with math because math is unlike any other school subject in 1 critical way...

Thinking about mid career switching?

CuriosityCrews are meeting with guest speaker software developer
Mo Kenyon.

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A math model explains an observable phenomenon & allows further predictions.

A professor I had posted these 17 equations on his office door 🚪 w/ a caption “Must be able to explain 1 equation B4 entering.”

Hardly anyone went to his office hrs.

Check out this out!

This YouTube channel turns podcasts into a live note taking system. You can use offline for other researches .

Ex: INCREASE your Odds of SUCCESS at Anything
with Naval Ravikant & Nassim Taleb


Math & Kids.

I take comfort in this: Education is about learning how to learn, over just learning something.

Collaboration with @jose_edil and we’re wondering which rendition is speaking to you?

It’s a hospital that started when a doctor and some nuns have to deal with aftermath of a terrible tornado.

Where am I visiting with kids?
PISA* testing is done every 3 yrs by Organisation for Economic Co-operation & Development (OECD).

It assess the performance of 15-year-olds across 79 countries in reading, math and science.

*Programme for International Student Assessment

I always tell my math kids I could watch the Superbowl every year and yet I am in no shape to actually compete in the Superbowl.

Same with viewing math as cramming more equations.

The lesson: math is about learning how to think logically. 🤓

👋So I'm looking for more courses next year.

My grandma lived almost to 100. She used to say that "When you stop learning, you get old."

And here’s what I found on subscription plans among MOOCs.

What's your fav?
And Why?
Math is all around us.

And there is NOTHING better to get kids curious about math than a great book filled with wowing pictures.

Here is a page from one of my fav math+life books:

Math in Nature by Nancy Dickmann

Kids struggle with math not because:

•They are stupid or
•They don’t have math genes or
•Some math teacher ruined it for them

The truth is math is unique.

Going from tears to smiles, here is my story.

(an essay thread)
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Parents often tell me that a 30-min homework assignment turns into a 3-hr battle with their kids.

My own kid once told me our dog ate his homework (for real!)

Opposite opinions on...

"Do we still need homework?"
What's the most valueable career advice you've gotten/given?

For me, it was from a movie-obessed professor:


(from the 2002 film Adaptation--A satire on the process of writing a screenplay)

Writers on Twitter,

I'm looking for inspirational stories to share with my students!

What's the most difficult decision you had to make to get where you are now?

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My little boy once fell on a cactus while riding his bike.
It hurt like hell to get thorns out of his arm.

I don't know how he got thru.

I had to tap into SILENCE:

"All profound things and emotion of things are proceeded and attended by silence."

Above all else, kids appreciate patience.

Researches show, before age7, kids mentally record adults’ behaviors
with little processing.

If you yell, so will they.

Imprint patience instead.

1 minute of patience, 10 years of peace.

Finish beats perfect.

Most kids fail math not because they get D’s or F’s; rather they don’t stick to it long enough.

Without consistency, we all get zeroes.

Zeroes trick you into feeling like a failure.

1 > 0

Make it so.

Most assumptions made about math are inaccurate.

Wrong ones lead to ineffective teaching approaches.

And that kills the joy for people who are trying to learn.

Especially young kids.

Thread essay on how to build learning skills coming up!

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If I had to do it over again, I'd start ALL my (math) students (and their parents!!) with these 5 math TED talks...

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How Big is INFINITY?
Dennis Wildfogel

not all infinities are created equal!…