👋 rapid update , high stress and EV comparison. You watched it here first.

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👋🏼 So what happened in rightcoverage this week as we continue to #buildinpublic ?

✂️ hair
📈 breakdown of revenue pattern this week:

For every 100 💷 in revenue:
~ £14 in systems and operations (including Cloud)
~ £1 in 'invoice financing' type charge…
Some old git moaning on. AKA what happened with us this week. Video here. #buildinpublic.…
👋 what happened with rightcoverage this week?
🙌 A CEO hero
📈 Slam dunk growth help from Awin Global (affilate window)
🙈 Crappy LI content - just stop, ok ?

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👋🏼 There's a new breed of CEOs out there. They run 250M 💷 + companies and still support minnows 🐟 like us at rightcoverage, responding to emails personally.

Video coming tomorrow to explain more. #scaleup #grateful #saas #proptech #buildinpublic
PIVOT time ! 😬. Here’s where we’re at with rightcoverage and helperly as we move into new things. #buildinpublic
👋🏼 No video today - desperately need a hair cut! ✂️

✅ The green 'arrows of truth' show we're consistently heading in the right direction ⬆️ with rightcoverage, as we #buildinpublic and aim for that magic 100K/month in revenue
✅ The gas/electric compari…
🍀 Rentify Movebubble
⬇️ Here’s an update from us. #buildinpublic
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👋🏼 Today's post is about Salesnapp and it's Founder, Farooq Aslam who continues to #buildinpublic and has ⬇️

1. Slogged away to prove Product/Market fit
2. Demonstrated a clear value proposition to both Retailers and Consumers
3. Had some setbacks, bu…
✌️ new hair ,supported by tea , product ideas , new SaaS customers, dividends, boobs and more ⬇️ #buildinpublic
Just where else do you get this variety of topics in a video update? #buildinpublic…
👋 3.27 of your time ⏱

➡️ our KPIs for last month
➡️ startups are dead
➡️ thanks #vodafone

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