everyone in the #BuildInPublic / #indiehackers community needs to make sure they have written down the answers to these 3 questions for their cool new app.

like actually do this.
I look at 1000s of startups per month via @microacquire and the biggest mistake I see is confusing messaging & market positioning.

1. What problem do you solve?
2. Who is your ideal customer?
3. What is the positive outcome?

Keep it simple.
working my way slowly through 174 cells in a google sheet.

doing the actual ground work as prescribed by @arvidkahl's 'The Embedded Entrepreneur'

going slower to go faster and find that maker-product-fit and product-market-fit

building an mvp to solve a problem you have = great way to learn the process, fine tune the tooling, and get up to speed.

but this isn't anything to do with product market fit. that may come with product #2, #10, or #20...

so don't give up early

#BuildInPublic people, how many domain names are you currently paying for?

please retweet for reach. thanks
hey @bubble

I'd love more pricing options for plans, so I could set up ~ 10 MVP's affordably, then I upgrade the ones that start to get traction & ditch the others.

maybe lower base charge + usage charge

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I see this need a lot.

How many of you #buildinpublic folk would want an easy method to connect with a Marketer?

And would you pay a $fee upon a successful match up.
@raunometsa How can I find a good marketer to work with me?
I've just published my latest FREE @Bubble article, about how to loop through lists of items using back end workflows.…

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prepping some updates for you all about my next product.

definitely will be pre-audience validated using ideas from @arvidkahl
and will be SEO optimized from the start using @robertodigital_ great SEO product: Katlinks

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I'll be releasing my next bubble newsletter this week, about how to loop through lists of items using backend workflows. I use this logic to balance workload across team members with @RosterBuddyApp

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can any #bubble builders out there recommend a method to parse a remote webpage to reliably extract the content of these 2 fields:

<title>... </title>
<meta name="description" content="... ">

I am doing this with regex ok, but would rather not..


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