A few designs for Focus Mode in @flowtelic. The idea is that you get daily recommendations of what to work on. Organising, studying, etc. It's about batching the workload to do a small amount consistently.
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Just a small sneak peek 👀 at the update to the @flowtelic app I'm working on.

You can pin a note to the right hand side making it easy to refer to when processing your study notes into your main archive of understanding. Exciting to see this come together 🤗
Really quick sketch to close out today. I'm now starting work on 'focus mode' which recommends the daily tasks you should focus on in order to keep your notes in order and process them into evergreen notes. So those blog posts you promised you'd read will get read!
Any tips or advice to share a #buildinpublic journey to LinkedIn. I’m underutilising that space, but also don’t really know the benefits of if it’s compatible with this type of content.
New feature is live!!!! 🚀
Now you can manage your Zettelkasten/smart notes workflow much better—even with projects and project notes!

Check it out:…

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So much fun doing the @coStarting with @cweilaender @ray_deck @ElliotLedley @joinendevr.…

If you're a maker and want to join a cohort to hold yourself accountable to research/build/launch, speak to @iamsvenh.…
Super super super excited for the changes coming to Flowtelic. Adding note types and workflow states!!!!

The best part is that it's all config driven, meaning you can define your own workflows at the collection level!

Now you can make Study Notes in Flowtelic! 🚀🎉
Want to try it out? Head over to, join the waitlist and get a link to try it out immediately.
Build in public update!
Study Notes is almost ready to ship 🚀
You'll be able to embed web pages/YouTube/Vimeo into your note cards so you can take your study notes. Here's a preview of it. Way more yet to come to the app.
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Spoiler alert. Here's a sneak peek what I've been working on. It's time to level up our learning with the study notes. But this is only a small part of what's coming.

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First concept of study notes for Flowtelic. The idea is content is docked to one side of the card so you can take your own study notes from it. Keep your reading backlog in sync with your notes. Looking forward to prototyping this.
@iamdanrice Don’t know about good, but I’m doing the whole #buildinpublic for the note-taking app I’m building, both here on Twitter and on YouTube. Also, I think I’m just down the road from you—Romsey, so “Hey 👋”
New Feature Live 🎉! You can curate top level cards by making them an Index Note, then link to the related notes—thus making your #Zettelkasten note-taking system super easy.

Want to follow the journey and try it out?

A happy accident. I'm using element.scrollIntoView() when you select a note in the list (ideal for keyboard navigation), but it turns out the way my views sync via the providers, it also scrolls the selected item when navigating between notes.
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