@ForeverDansky Hi Dansky! Great news, thanks a lot. While being #buildinpublic our #startup I have not much time to brush up my #Illustrator skills, but with your material it's a must. No wasted time with your courses ever so far. Excited to squeeze it in. 👍 💯% recommended folks!
A sharp analysis of why sometimes marketing works and how to do it by @AdamErhart. Valuable content here. I need to know my potential customers very well and I must be able to find their biggest pain and be able to offer them a solution. #buildinpublic
After a review of all of the pros and cons, we decided to go with @Adobe #aftereffects. @Vyond was the runnerup while Doodly and Animaker are easy to use but not exactly what we were looking for. We have access to an AfterEffects pro, so we decided to give it a go. #buildinpublic
Good morning 👋 Coffee 1.0 is in ☕ Let's tackle this day 💪 Today we decide which Tool we choose for animations. Doodly, Animaker, Vyond, and AfterEffects are on the table. I prefer AfterEffects but it's expensive. What do you use? Have a good day 🍀 #buildinpublic
If some self declared business heroes claim being able to tell you how to make a passive income (or even a non passive) of 1K a day in 30 days from your desk, ask them for a proof they really did it themselves. What then follows is Crickets. #buildinpublic #startups
@pradumna_saraf Hi Pradumna. I work on our startup by #buildinpublic setting up my personal and the project website. It's more of a marathon than a sprint because I still need to learn many things. May you have a great Sunday. BTW a very nice office you have! 👍
@DThompsonDev @zerotomasteryio I learned about CSS grid and flex. Using CSS grid to set up the wireframe prototype to define the areas of the design and flex for the navigation bar. Works pretty good. Gonna write about it in a future blog. Have a lovely time friends 🍀 #buildinpublic #buildinginpublich
Hello all you beautiful people 👋 We are underway with the project page setup for our #startup. It is a new feeling for an overthinker like me to get going, even when much is still unclear. But hey, I need to leave my comfort zone. 😎 Updates follow if you like. #buildinpublic
@mike_tempest Finding the most important pains a customer has is key. I just love the system of the Business Model Canvas and the Value Proposition Canvas developed by @AlexOsterwalder and Yves Pigneur from @strategyzer. I will use this for our #startup while we #buildinpublic. Great stuff!
@Lumy @arvidkahl Hi Rhys. I agree. I'm a lifelong overthinker and I decided to stop that now. #buildinpublic has many advantages when it comes to getting feedback at an early stage of the product design and still brings potential customers and investors on board. I will definitely do it that way.
@arvidkahl I like this a lot and #buildinpublic also brings instant feedback and helps with a fast iteration of a product or service. The only thing that bothers me, is it also attracts competition that may adopt your work and overtake you with better funding. I still will take the risk.
Hi folks. What are your thoughts about #buildinginpublic ? Great stuff or big risk? #startups #buildinpublic
@mike_tempest Thanks for taking the time to answer, appreciate it. Early feedback and continuous iteration are important for us. We gonna #buildinpublic.
@mike_tempest I'm in. Started today with our project for a webshop to sell products from local farmers that produce organic food. Still need to convince my business partner to do it in public. He hesitates to do so because of his fear of leaking ideas. I don't. #buildinginpublic #buildinpublic
@DanKulkov Hi Dan. I just visited your site and want to say thanks for providing such valuable content. We started today with our startup and we want to do #buildinpublic. Do you have any tips on how to start? Blogging, Email-campaign. Thanks in advance. 🍀