#buildinpublic Day 6
Today I set up a few meetings with patent lawyers for this week.
This week, I want to start to make the Lynx web app by getting the format set up.
#buildinpublic Day 5 (Part 2)
Finished reaching out to lawyers. Taking a break today and tomorrow, as I (unfortunately) have schoolwork to finish.
#buildinpublic Day 5
I only reached out to 6 people (the goal was 10) as my priorities for Lynx shifted quickly after a meeting with an advisor. By tomorrow, I want to have reached out to at least 15 people in search of a patent lawyer.
#buildinpublic Day 4
Accomplished yesterday's goals for Lynx's data collection efforts - tonight, I want to continue making progress on reach-out for data collection by reaching out to 10 leads I've received from my veterinary advisors.

See 🧵 on my challenges with reach-out:
#buildinpublic Day 3
Reached out to 10 people in ML! My goals by EOD today are to reply to my LinkedIn messages related to Lynx and send follow-up emails to people previously reached out to for data collection in academia.
#buildinpublic Day 2
Finished all applicable lessons of the coding course! Before going to sleep tonight, I'm going to reach out to 10 people in Machine Learning to get feedback on an issue with the Lynx AI model.

See 🧵 for goals before Dec. 1...
#buildinpublic Day 1
Today, I am going to finish the MIT Programming in Python course (to review Python before I develop the Lynx web app) and apply to TKS Accelerate. I will like my posts to signify I accomplished my goals.