With the newest update for, you can now finally sort and indent/outdent items in invoices and proposals using drag and drop! ✨

Glad I finally got around to this, sorting was getting the MVP-treatment for too long!

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A small interaction tweak I worked on tonight for

I find that little things like this is what makes the UI of a product really get out of the user's way.

What little detail did you build for your project? 🤓

I made a small page showing off the various invoice and proposal templates that are included in Cakedesk.

🤓 Click on one to get a bit more information:…

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I've updated Cakedesk's landing page. It has a new design, shows more features, is available in English + German and includes a demo video.

👉 Check it out:

Finally: You can now define custom fields for invoices and proposals in!

This enables things like:

- Titles for invoices
- "Reverse Charge" checkboxes
- Additional textboxes

👉 Read the docs:…

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New on the Cakedesk website: There's now some basic documentation on how Cakedesk's templating system works! #buildinpublic
Another small quality of life improvement for

Hitting enter at the end of an input will insert an item below.

But hitting enter at the start of an input will insert an item above

Behind the scenes, these change logs are just markdown files – one for each language that Cakedesk supports.

Also new in When you update the app, you will now see a change log with what's new!

I love change logs in my favorite apps and I'm hoping this will help users discover cool new features 🤓

I want to save freelancers as much time as possible.

That's why keyboard navigation is supported and encouraged throughout the app:

1. Navigate tables for clients, invoices and proposals using the keyboard (added this week)

Small UX improvement when writing freelance proposals using

When focusing an item, the entire group now receives a slightly darker background, making it just a little bit easier for the eye to follow. 🤓