Avoid conventional UI/UX thinking.

Learn from what works, but challenge it too.

You'll often find even better solutions!

e.g. Global sidebars
Used for buttons, links, search, filtering, etc.

But why does my app need it?

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PSA to all indie devs, creators, entrepreneurs 📣

Just because you're indie doesn't mean you have to:

- Build alone
- Build everything from scratch
- Make every mistake

Stand on the shoulders of giants.

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Had a productive sketch/ideas session last night! 🌙

Explored *premium* features around customization.

Our goals and milestones are deeply personal to us.

So should our tools.

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Making this journey official 🚀

I'm building a SaaS – a milestone tracking app!

Documenting progress, learnings, challenges, and milestones along the way.

Join me?

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Hello everyone! 👋

Looking forward to all of your updates, and sharing some of my own.

I'm building a SaaS for tracking milestones. The UI/UX is focused on timelines. One for each journey.

Visualize how far you've come, and where you're going. From small steps to major leaps.
Doing some market research for my SaaS 📝

Should a vertical timeline show recent items at the top (scroll down for older), or bottom (scroll up for older)?

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