It took a decent amount of time to design and implement such a complicated property as "row gutter" but finally we did it 😊- using a modal.


@MarkeeCompany @googlefonts This a good question that I don't have an answer to yet!
We hope we will able to launch the next year.
It's the most precise estimation I can make πŸ€”
But you can follow us here, on Twitter, and also we have a GitHub repo:…

The next step towards building SaaS apps without coding!

With @KwantBuilder, now you can select one of 15 @googlefonts and all necessary links/styles will be generated automatically.

#buildinpublic #saas #nocode
Forgot to mention that @KwantBuilder theme builder is almost finished too πŸ˜€.

Well, there is still some work to be done (like choosing the font) but the main settings like colors, font size, borders etc. are done.

This ugly UI (on the left) was generated from the drag-and-drop no-coding project (on the right) made in @KwantBuilder.

Moving to @AntDesignUI 5 done and it went pretty smoothly!

Thanks, guys, for the really good job!

The @AntDesignUI Space @KwantBuilder reincarnation is almost done.😊

The next big step to trying to move to @AntDesignUI 5!πŸ˜€πŸ˜¬

Sometimes we implement something, not cuz our users (if any) want it but cuz it annoys us, developers 😁

We found the inability to delete an object by clicking the "Delete" button pretty annoying so we implemented it πŸ˜ƒ

Fortunately, it didn't take much time😌

@AutismMRR And the worst thing is it may cost us just 5 bucks or less, or even nothing (like hosting at AWS) because they are so big that they can allow themselves to have free customers.

@AutismMRR You sure?
Hosting is a very hard thing to implement.
You need:
- to have a lot of physical servers
- to have a bunch of professional engineers
- a lot of very good high-salary salespeople because despite all the above there is huge competition
Is that a plan?
@picacardanycard @_ZoZo_App @ycombinator Now you have a great opportunity to prove the customers really need your product and will pay for it!
Why do you need funds?

@AutismMRR I see you are trying to find a profitable business idea. You know, all the ideas of existing businesses are profitable. Grab whatever you like and implement your version (don't steal from them though): hosting, databases, design, copywriting, coding etc.

@ray_kovalev Looking forward to hearing this sweet story! 😊

Now you can specify many properties to make a round button with a dot inside πŸ˜† in the @KwantBuilder

@fialaerik @mmccaff For those who don't want to look for a specific resource on their own, this is the original list by @mmccaff…

probably not! πŸ€”πŸ˜†
@0xshrini Don't make your loaders and spinners interesting.


1) it takes time to implement (or find) them
2) your users absolutely don't care 😁

@host_doc11 Try to ask proper (or different) questions.

Pretty often, the problem is not about lack of creativity but rather because of asking wrong questions.

Good luck!