@hatchitsolution Please remove @heroku from this list as they discontinued their free tier recently.

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@rmarlow91 It happens from time to time...
What are you building?

@ParticleShift For me, everything is secondary except of a good pinch of motivation.

Motivation can be built from:
- setting up the goals
- imagining the results
- really getting fun with the process
- reading success stories
- doing the right things right (!!!).

@rish1_2 Which product is it about?

Another question is about Pioneer.

We had several emails inviting us to participate but didn't apply because we didn't get how it worked. Some kind of competition? How are the results compared?

Thanks and good luck!

@j_mikesj The second option is always much more appealing. Because there are already users! To beat the competitors, though, you can find a niche and kinda create a third category:
a big market with no competition 👍

@CompiledConcept We are using and so far it's the best of ration price/quality. The form can be integrated into your webpage easily or data can be collected via using API (what we do).

@jebraat Don't be afraid to tell everyone about your project. If you are so scared you can't, you're probably doing something wrong.

If you just feel shy, consider this as a challenge and a great opportunity to boost your communication skills!

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@bohlenlabs @2quiet2market Yeah, I thought about something like that but in a bit different way.

I wonder why there are no marketing people who do marketing at reasonable prices?

Say, if an introvert can't code, (s)he can hire a dev but what about marketer that would do small campaigns?
@bohlenlabs @2quiet2market "Marketing for introverts" - sounds pretty intriguing!

But can you tell us more about how you are going to help introverts with marketing?

@IamMichaelSalim Congrats! I see there is a peek of visitors and signups too, what caused it?

@getorhack I actually wanted to click PayPal but missed it 😬. So, remove my vote from Stripe and add it to PayPal.😁

Let me explain, why: because Stripe has only one option to pay - it's a credit card whereas PayPal has 2 options: by credit card and by PayPal account.

@agogiglio It's not easy. But personally, I have a list of tasks to be completed and go through them during the day. If I see something that doesn't give me fun/prospectives and just takes my attention, I stop doing it.

@ArafatH95729785 We noticed it too. Besides screenshot capture apps, very popular are:

- web analytic apps
- feedback collecting apps
- link shorteners
- social network scheduling apps
- landing page builders.

Too few fresh, original ideas... 😒

@talenodigital @glideapps Maybe you at least know which topics would you be interested in? I believe it's super-hard to find a co-founder for an unknown project... 🤔

Btw, are you looking for a tech founder or a non-tech one?

What is your process for seeking him/her?

We started working seriously on the Project Editor for Kwant Builder.

It took a couple of days to develop this functionality.

We hope, with our builder it would take only a couple of hours, and you even will not need to know how to code.

@sirgi__ Congrats on your launch! But don't stop, keep going, and do more content marketing. Besides telling about how and why you created your product, try to give more relevant content that will help with SEO.

@_nataliadoes But... it's so simple: just follow people and companies who build in public and read what they write. Or, at least check this hashtag #buildinpublic

There is no science, framework, rules, or whatever. It's just an attitude. 😉
@_nataliadoes Sure, we can... but we don't know what is your destination goal? The direction is 100% depends on it.🤔