@SenseCheck_ My hope is that this test would be useful to you. I'm also open to either keeping this recording private or if there's someone who's a true #buildinpublic advocate, we can look at making the video public so that others can see how we do it.
Hello #buildinpublic peeps. @hnshah Tweeted saying watch/record people using your product platform. I did. Not only was it game changer I also made some awesome friends @StevejLamar @jillchrist
Interestingly I met a B2B SaaS founder. He instantly got our premise. Need to check I’m not massively bias coz I love the #buildinpublic #b2b #saas #marketingtwitter #founder community on the blue bird app.
#buildinpublic peeps. Can you remember the first time you embarked on sharing your work in public? Would love to see first posts or hear about what you recall about it.
@Deepak910k Oh yes. That's when people #buildinpublic I like the idea, but I'm also shy. I'm warming up to it. Have you done this recently?