Time for launch :) After automatic subtitles,

Today Simplified video gets text-to-speech :) #buildinpublic
What did you ship 🚒 this week, we pushed major updates to our Video ML infra but here is my fav, 1 click automatic subtitles #buildinpublic
4. Update: Thanks, everyone, for your support and guidance. Thank you, @vercel_support team; glad we finally solved it. #buildinpublic
#buildinpublic July ~40% MoM ( $$)
πŸ’ͺ Let's crack 1M ARR ;) soon.
πŸš€ Launching some big initiatives later this month.
Stay tuned.

#oneapp #productivity #creativity #ai
Who is building marketing automation for product-led companies? I would like to invest, share my learning from Marketo days and be your customer with @sosimplified. Let's #buildinpublic

it's still a big market. (Saying this after evaluating all leading companies in the space)
One step towards #Oneapp vision

We are officially launching @sosimplified AI writer, write engagement content in minutes. Work together, do more with less. #buildinpublic #copywriting #marketing
Building a high-quality product gif is hard.

Today we are simplifying that, now you will be able to create and export gifs in just one click on Simplified. #buildinpublic
Today we deployed a new model for magic background remover and it's πŸ”₯, already producing mind-blowing results. Here are some examples.

#buildinpublic @sosimplified
Continue keeping it simple #buildinpublic

The next decade is all about making humans faster and efficient"

We believe in keeping things simple and transparent, and this applies to how we operate, how we raise, how we hire and deliver our product.
we are building Simplified #oneapp for you with you. #Buildinpublic #BuildingTogether.

Where do we go from here?
November 2021 #buildinpublic Update

I am thrilled to announce we raised an $8.5M seed round led by @mikemarg_ @DavidSacks @craft_ventures πŸ™

@sosimplified, we are committed to building the #oneapp that will bring content creation into the future for everyone.
[After marathon] πŸ”₯ This morning we launched pricing, yayy & a "Lifetime deal" for all early adopters. Overwhelmed with the response, For the past 6 hours, 680+ comments. highest for any app. We are likely to cross 1k. Loved the reception. #Buildinpublic @sosimplified
September update #buildinpublic @sosimplified

What's working?

1. In just 2.5 months since beta launch, 75k+ users now signed up. WAU is up by (+31% WOW).
2. We shipped one-click video editing; check out here….
Just noticed we were under DDOS

our system where flooded. Now back to normal. Deployed AWS shield: Bring it on #shieldon #buildinpublic #startupgrind
Build-in-public for your customers. #buildinpublic for yourself. Magic is bound to happen. The weekend I read all customer conversations so we can prioritize things better for next week.
August update #buildinpublic @sosimplified

What's working

1. So excited to share now 40k+ people registered (3x since last month) from all over the globe.
2. Signed the big enterprise contract.
3. 0 to 270k+ impressions on Google
4. Community has more than 4k users.
It's Ok
to "be confused"
to "have a great or bad day"
to say "You're not OK"
#entrepreneur #buildinpublic
saying it loud #buildinpublic is not just about just sharing big wins, hockey stick graph. It's about being vocal, sharing your fears, challenges. Everyday is different, Vent out. Don't do it for others. Do it for yourself; document the journey 4ur mental health.enjoy the process