What are you planning for the weekend? 🙂 I’ll be running between programming and working on my new house. Weird combination, but manual work is great abreaction. 👍 #buildinpublic #Developers
Don’t judge a book by its cover. 🤔Yesterday we visited our new client. His place looked crazy form the outside and I was really disappointed - we traveled there 5 hours. But at the end, it was really successful meeting. 🎉🎉 #buildinpublic #Developers
Yesterday I tried to implement the GPWebPay payment gateway for our client, but I got stuck. 😵‍💫
Today I want to implement Paypal. Wish me better luck.🤞
#buildinpublic #Developers
Hi, I'm Tomas 👋
I decided to share my journey in public.
👉 Goal 1: Create a successful web agency with employees
👉 Goal 2: Create a project that people use and make their lives better
👉 Goal 3: Be happy and healthy

#buildinpublic #Developers