Started using @NotionHQ to help manage my side project and I'm dreading going back to work tomorrow and having to use Jira and Confluence!

Really excited to be interviewing my first podcast guest @drewclemcr8 tomorrow!

Been messing around with audio and video trying to figure out what I'm doing as I'm going. It's been really fun learning.

#TGIF! What a week I have had!

Week off next week though and I'm going full on #Maker mode.

Really excited to get building!

#TGIF what an interesting week I have had! Anyway I have a week off next week and I'm going full on #Creator mode and hopefully getting something exciting out into the world which I will be tweeting about!

So excited to share what I'm working on!

Second Devlog is live on my site and @ThePracticalDev

I built an RSS feed for my blog and share the decisions and process around my research.

@AshleeMBoyer wrote a great blog about RSS feeds which I have also linked to in my post.…

Do you cringe at LinkedIn posts offering the rest of some content through a DM?

I did, but I've just learnt through @theChrisDo AYDC course that this is called permission marketing and if done in a non-spammy way can lead to gaining genuinely interested leads.

Huge update to my site!

I now have an RSS feed on

I have a devlog coming tomorrow! It's getting late now and I need to proof read it again so tomorrow it is!

#buildinpublic #techinsider
My backlog of unsent tweets is huge!

They should probably be blog posts, what do you think?