Receiving feedback on a prototype built in 8h: "Customers don't like the purchase flow? Let's adapt or start again"

The same for an 80h prototype: "Idiot customers don't know what they want"

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#airhack #buildinpublic also means exposing your music taste in public? This is what I got from my account playing around with the API from the last tweet.

@McPozedorodo at the top of the list? Fair enough... πŸ˜‚
Our idea for @AirDevCo #AirHack is an app that matches users with event groups based on music taste.

What happens if you mix @Spotify + @Meetup + @bubble? We're about to find outπŸ˜„

Want to know more about how we're calculating user's music taste? 🧡

#nocode #buildinpublic
#AirHack is very competitive, we are competing with almost 40 teams!

I'm not sure if there are more Brazilians, or if I'm the only one representing my country in this nerd olympics πŸ˜‚πŸ‡§πŸ‡·

Tomorrow I will share more about our project idea.

#nocode #nocodebrasil #buildinpublic
We have almost 40 teams competing for that #airhack glory!

Our judgesβ€”@theo_goldberg from @bubble, @pabloheredia24, and @elibeachy are going to have such a fun time looking at your creations.

It’s not too late to start:

#buildinpublic #nocode