What do we think about building in public and sharing our product roadmap? 🗺

Companies like @buffer and @github openly share their product plans.

I think doing so let’s people know the product is alive and improving.

Does it make sense to start a blog for your SaaS before finding traction?

💡 i•de•a•tion

A way for users to celebrate your Asana sprint releases.

• Auto-generate social media content
• Collect feedback directly to Asana
• Grow trust through a transparent feature cycle

— Just an idea

💡 i•de•a•tion

Create impromptu audio broadcasts instantly. Share your link to invite people to join.

Is there a Twitter CRM which surfaces tweets that mention your competitors with a negative sentiment?

Engaging with competitors’ unhappy customers is usually considered low-hanging fruit in any marketing strategy.

Sneak peek into the @hotfixcms database structure using @Firebase Firestore 🔥

Making progress on @hotfixcms! 🏎💨

✅ Push API to @heroku
✅ Push App to @heroku
✅ Setup Prod/Dev @Firebase envs
✅ Create DNS api subdomain
✅ Create DNS app subdomain
✅ Setup @GoogleWorkspace

Ready to start shipping smaller and more often.

💡 i•de•a•tion

A website to celebrate and put to rest our dead projects.

#buildinpublic if you haven’t already, join the conversation later today — nice chance to share what you’ve been working on with a group that gets it.…
Week 3 of openstandups! Looking forward to hearing from you :)…
#buildinpublic Experimenting with anything new you’ve learned?
Working from California for one more week — I’m going to miss these sunsets!

Excited to share the CMS beta and to start getting feedback.

Huge thank you to the 100 people now following my #buildinpublic journey! 🙌
@yekalb I think #buildinpublic has helped. Seeing people working on so many ideas, I see how abundant ideas are. So many problems to solve that I could never take them all on.

I now just share these ideas and if someone else wants to take it on, awesome.
Anyone else having a late night coding session? 🦉

If so, what are you working on?

#buildinpublic evolution of the Developer-friendly, Headless CMS I’m building 🤓

Progress has been slower than I’d like, now that I work for an agency full-time, but damn it I’m determined!

👇 Stack
Struggling with your landing page headlines?

Ask your existing users, “How would you describe our product?”

Use what they say as the basis for your headlines.

🤓 This was one valuable takeaway from this Y Comb video.

Been in California for 2 days now and my CMS SaaS still hasn’t been VC funded… what gives 🙃

En route to California 😎

Two week pack list:
1x 🎒
2x 💻
2x 📱
1x ⌚️
10x 👔

Ready for the sunshine and to get work done.

Using the CMS I’m building to deliver the content for the CMS documentation page I’m building… ♻️

Made progress on the CMS editor this weekend.

• Created the content delivery API.
• Implemented access tokens for the API.
• Developed the settings dashboard.

Still lots to do, but we’re getting closer here 😅

I implemented access tokens for the CMS API and code editor.

In pieces, we build 🤓