New podcast episode 74: Emma Fletcher on choosing to not go it alone, with @mdgale. #buildinpublic #indiehackers
Idea for new #buildinpublic trend:

Instead of sharing MRR/ARR, share what % of your personal living expenses are paid for by your startup.

In the end, that's really what we indie hackers care about.
New podcast episode 73: What does success look like for me?, with @mdgale. #buildinpublic #indiehackers
New podcast episode 72: Not the product risk I was warned about, with @mdgale. #buildinpublic #indiehackers
In this week's episode, @mdgale is making progress on his Slack bot, and I share some "behind the scenes" of this crazy 60-day challenge idea.
In this week's episode, you can witness the genesis of this crazy idea to build a new startup in public.

I was on the fence, but finally decided to do like Matt and block-off a few hours each day for "Marc time".

I've decided to #BuildInPublic a new startup from scratch, in hard-mode!

No audience

涊oal: $2k MRR in 2 months!

Follow and RT if you want to see me succeed... or fail miserably!
@natension I'm Marc!

Follow me if you want to see me #buildinpublic a new B2B SaaS from scratch, without an audience!
In this week's episode, @mdgale and I dig deeper into his new business idea and the feedback he collected so far from doing "The Mom Test". #buildinpublic
In this week's episode, @mdgale is back!

We catch up on updates, and live workshop a new business idea.
These days, I'm adding small features that will allow customers to investigate problems themselves and reduce my support load. Also, paving the way for hiring someone who will use these same features to support customers. #buildinpublic

You can now search your import logs by Airtable ID, Webflow Item ID, or slug.

Super helpful when you want to see a specific @Airtable and @Webflow item side-by-side. #nocode
This week, @volkandkaya joins me to commiserate about the struggles of running a bootstrapped SaaS as solo @indiehackers

We talk about:

儭Engineering as marketing
儭Customer support
訴og fooding
This week, @AngeZanetti joins me on the podcast to talk about indie hacking, building in public, and being a hamster in the Twitter wheel. 不
In this week's episode, I tell the story of how one tweet from @bentossell led to the start of a new feature for @PowerImporter.

That's what #buildinpublic should be!
Today I had big intentions on building a new feature in public for PowerImporter.

It was going to be great!

I was going to posts videos, code snippets, screenshots, the works!

Instead, this is all you get. 不 #buildinpublic is hard!
Finally finished and shipped my Stripe integration for the new tiered pricing for PowerImporter.

This is how I came up with prices. #buildinpublic

In this week's episode, I share all the drawbacks I encountered integrating Stripe's hosted checkout and customer portal.

Definitely worth a listen if you're considering using it for your #saas for multiple subscriptions per customer.

Shhh! 井

Don't tell anyone, but I just wrote my first unit test for PowerImporter. My first commit was 19 months ago! 不

"Do things that don't scale", or in this case, "Don't do things that are needed to scale"