Now that @heroku is dead I have been exploring alternatives. production stack:

- @Netlify for hosting the React front end.
- @Railway for container hosting and DB hosting
- @Firebase for user auth

What’s yours?
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Following some of the Lean Startup cycle. Small moves and optimize for knowledge. Put a button that says Save even if it doesn't save quite yet and had it emit a GA event. Users clicked it a lot... They want to save their quizzes

Lots of good feedback was received after the launch.

A lot more work ahead but super excited for all the things coming :)

User Auth coming this week and possibly saving your AI generated quizzes.

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Today is launch #1 day! Come check it out!

Yippity: Convert all your notes into quizzes with AI via @producthunt

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Okay am ready to show what I have been working on!

Meet Yip, your personal AI question generation study pal:

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Nothing more exciting than starting to see people around the world using!

Now trying to find the balance between talking about my product and not spamming on Reddit to the point I get banned... 🙏🏽

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Happy to show what I've been building

Explains any Excel formula to you.

Generates Excel formulas from any instructions you might give it.

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