Linksbook #buildinpublic update
Done with the reminders feature โœ”
(With some more little changes)
Linksbook #buildinpublic update

Started building reminders features.

โœ” Create reminder
โœ” View created reminders

- Setup reminder cron
- enable updating and deleting reminders
LinksBook v2 #buildinpublic update ;

- Changed the look of nested folders.
- Also added a little menu on User profile ;)
LinksBook #buildinpublic update
Fixed a couple issues in the UI and functionality.

Next Up;
- Fix some more issues
- Finish the basic chrome extension (highest priority)
- Started working on some more features in the app
LinksBook #buildinpublic update

โœ…Search now works
โœ…Clicking the tag on a bookmark will search and display all your bookmarks with the same tag
LinksBook v2 #buildinpublic update

โœ…Nested collections (with issues to be fixed)
โœ…You can now delete a bookmark from a collection only
โœ…Automatically adds <new> tag to newly created bookmark
#buildinpublic update
This weekend I started working on features for the Chrome extension on the backend

โœ… One can also delete a bookmark too
โœ… Modified the look of folders

๐Ÿ”จ Improve authentication flow
๐Ÿ”จ Auto get the title of a page

Demo in second tweet ๐Ÿ‘‡
One can now update a bookmark โœŠ

Did not do anything yesterday... Can an I do more today ๐Ÿค”
Probably not...

I continue to #buildinpublic
Okay so here is a wrap up of how the current UI looks right now...

Video looks sluggish because yk too many process running in background and slows recording... I continue to
Got stuff done for some parts of the chrome extension

Now I have to handle authentication in a Chrome extension

The client can now communicate with the GraphQL server yay!

Added some cool modals...

Huh... it is about 2 days I did not update on my progress.
Was too busy with school for that period of time but I am back.
Today, the MVP backend is 100% complete yay!!
I managed to get apollo client working with authentication on the frontend...

More to come

Added a new component
The Link Card component for links.
Today I am working on completing the last resolver for the MVP backend and UI

98% of the backend for the MVP is done โœŠ.

Just have to one more resolver but huh, I exceeded my deadline. This will do for now...

Tested and got the passwordless authentication all working fine.

Feelin' good ๐ŸŽถ

Now focusing full time on the GraphQL backend rn

Day 5 of #buildinpublic
Finished writing the basic authentication service
Its testing time ๐Ÿ˜‡
Day 4 of #buildinpublic started working on some UI components
Today I will be mainly working on an important part of the backend โœŠ
Day 2 of #buildinpublic
For the coming days I will focus on creating a UI/UX for my app.
Got sign-in/sign-up and basic CRUD working
Here is the design I started working on in Figma (first time using Figma btw).
Respect to all the designers... this is hard
Wow I managed to create an app by removing the inert="true" when the modal appears... I can workaround can create an app anyways.
Feeling like a real web dev rn ๐Ÿ˜‚

Please @ClerkDev fix thisโ€ฆ