I am working on some new collateral for paid ads to landlords/agents for @PurplePandaRent.

What are your thoughts? Would love to get your feedback!

Does anyone have any cold outreach email templates for potential customers that have worked for them in the past?

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Does anyone have any suggestions or insights for building user acquisition in a two-sided marketplace for an early-stage startup?

I had some ideas but would love any advice!

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The property upload page for @PurplePandaRent. Property owners or agents can now add their multi-family or single-family homes, with our student-centric input filters.

Would love some feedback if you have the time!

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It's Friday! What achievements are you most proud of this week? Share below!

I've made significant strides on my product and established a timeline for our GTM strategy.

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I have been working on improving the messaging system today. At @PurplePandaRent you can now communicate with a landlord on our platform.
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