#buildinpublic update:

We got the branded sample today for our DTC brand, Handsome Chaos!

What do you think of the packaging?

(Thanks to our hand model / creative director / co-founder, Angela, for being the warehouse.)
#buildinpublic update:

Working on the launch for One Day Design doing the following:

- Outline email launch series
- List of communities to launch in
- Setup waitlist feature
- Build ads
- Partner launch list
- Get Product Hunt launch partner
- Write organic post for launch
#buildinpublic update:

At GrowhtHit, we have 2 new hires, 3 new clients, and a site redesign. Lots of action. Lots of copy to write.

One Day Design and Handsome Chaos tasks will happen tomorrow!
#buildinpublic update:

The pricing section for One Day Design is in QA.

Up Next: update our welcome flows and the Typeform (for custom work) and we're ready to for our Product Hunt Launch.

For GH: We're updating the GrowthHit site and I am drowning in copywriting tasks. esh
#buildinpublic update:

Working on our product hunt launch for

What do we think of this waitlist page?

#buildinpublic update:

One Day Design: We are "this close" to closing our first $5k /month subscription deal. Got the verbal!

Handsome Chaos: Got the containers today.

GrowthHit: Closed a new deal. Had a client lower their retainer. Up then down. No change on P&L. 🤷
#buildinpublic update:

One Day Design: Rolling our a simpler pricing setup that should be live on the site in 48 hours. Then we can do our official launch.

Handsome Chaos: Working on labels and containers for our first order. Should get the final prototype before july 4th.
#buildinpublic update:

Good news. Spoke with the manufacturer for our brand, Handsome Chaos, and the lead time has been cut from 12 weeks to 6 weeks. Game on!

For GrowthHit, had the entire team do "rock" setting. Everyone is doing EOS now. Exciting times.
#buildinpublic update:

Forgot to turn on the Stripe confirmation emails so people felt scammed when they accidentally double paid.

Got some fun "Where my money at bro?" emails.

Amazing what can happen you forget to check a box on a SaaS tool.
#buildinpublic update:

One Day Design: Onboarded a new client today! But, don't think they want more than 1 LP. :(

HC: worked on our shot list for 1st photo shoot. Want assets for site and for ads but must maximize our small budget.
#buildinpublic update:

OneDay.Design: Just closed a new client with our self serve onboarding. Hallelujah - it works!

Also, we're starting to outline the plan for our ProductHunt launch.

PH still works, right?
#buildinpublic update:

GrowthHit: Working on a course. Today, I wrote the script for the promotional video. Did 1 test recording. It needs some work.

Handsome Chaos: Getting packaging so we can do a photo shoot!

One Day Design: Sent 15 email follow ups to potential leads.
#buildinpublic update: - Worked on updated pricing designs. Hope to test next wk during soft launch.

Handsome Chaos - Go to speak with the CEO of a big time DTC brand. Mind is spinning from insights!

@GrowthHit - working on a course to promote us.
#buildinpublic update:

Here is the monthly update on the $3M Challenge.

- Good News: One Day Design hit 5 figures 🍾
- Bad News: Handsome Chaos won't be ready for 10 more weeks ☚ī¸

Below are the numbers to date.
#buildinpublic update:

GrowthHit: Updating our sales materials and our VP of Biz Dev is auditing my sales calls. Gulp.

One Day Design: Pitched a startup studio, testing new pricing, & delivered 2 LPs today!!

On Thursday, we're talking launch strategy for One Day Design.
#buildinpublic update:

We went over our individual rocks for GrowthHit today.

Big focus on the following:

- Actually marketing our company!
- Getting One Day Design to $500k MRR
- Handsome Chaos Pre-launch
- Testing our packaging and pricing
- Building a true sales machine
#buildinpublic update:

For One Day Design, our 1st customer will keep their subscription and asked for more designs. 0% churn!!!!

For Handsome Chaos, we're going to push forward with a pre-launch campaign even though the product is 11 wks out. Yolo!
#buildinpublic update:

For One Day Design, we delivered 4 designs to 4 clients today. Our process is working! But, let's see how they like the designs. 😓

For Handsome Chaos, our key ingredient will now take 12 weeks to get. Ahhhh đŸ˜ĸ
#buildinpublic update:

Big (mini) milestone!!

Our new startup, One Day Design (get a web page in 24 hours) just hit 5 figures.

Yep, we crossed the $10k mark.

Exciting times! Next stop is $25k.
#buildinpublic update:

For One Day Design, we sent out a proposal for our biggest project ($7k). If it closes then we'll be over the $10,000 mark.

One issue: We are finding that our packages are confusing. Working on a simpler pricing setup.