What I have Learned From Twitter & Growing a completely new account complete with a Newsletter Blog @TheMycophiliac (still to new for Twitter blue)

Follow along as I build in public #buildinpublic to see the Journey and "Living Case Study" of Newsletters Growth &SEO @……
Let's empower more Americans to start small businesses! This way, we can shift the financial power from corporations back to the people. It's time to distribute power where it belongs! #SmallBusiness #PowerToThePeople #buildinpublic
Most Americans pay taxes & do it honorably.

When you add 87,000 IRS agents it's not to go after the rich, it's to go after middle class families & small business owners.

What Biden wants to do is find every possible dollar to pay for his radical spending.

Why would WE do that?
Actually going to offer this at

Working on the reoccurring offer now.

#buildinpublic #smb #Webdesign…
@roydotai @jacosnorepoel @thesamparr I haven't needed it yet, as most of what I do is DFY, as in Build, Rank, and Rent.

No main hub is needed, just a landing page to look good and collect payments, like building a tailored resume for my clients with every landing page/website build lol.

The model has been working……