close to 1,000 followers, since I'm quite busy building some stuff cannot be that active, but I read you every day my friends. thanks! #buildinpublic
what are you finishing this weekend? for me a landing page for some educational platform Im building. #buildinpublic #indiedev #indieahacker
Our free version is taking off! What did we do? Added a lot of value that we wanted to sell first, now for free, that will help to build better paid products, so we don't bother in sharing.
@bluepanda_dev SaaS starter kit #buildinpublic
+700 followers already #buildinpublic community is crazy ❤️, 1,000 June?
Great peak yesterday, to be honest, the only thing has worked so far is doing the job, going out there and trying to make @bluepanda_dev visible. No one will come by chance. #buildinpublic #indiedev
today will check what to build with @bluepanda_dev thing about some micro saas, first, thinking about some problem I can solve or improve. #buildinpublic
Happy to announce first free download of @bluepanda_dev it's been more than 500hh of hard work, and still more stuff to get done, thanks to all! #buildinpublic #saas #starterkit
Little milestone guys, I could finally find my SaaS, page 6 today! have a nice day 💙🐼 #buildinpublic
nice peak for the last 2 days, what did I do? created some content and interact more on some communities under reddit, hardly recommend go outside and spend more time communicating and not only building, tbh nobody comes without you talking about your idea #buildinpublic
some times you don't have nice figures to see, but hopefully gets better!, organic SEO takes time, months! more than 6 sometimes, we are in the first month, is going to be a bit hard, but we can wait 2 years is necessary. #buildinpublic @bluepanda_dev
Just spent a couple of days building something awesome for managing assets and portfolios, including collectibles, games, apartments, condos, web3 and more, it's completely free! The design is inspired by Monopoly, Stay tuned! 🚀 @bluepanda_dev #buildinpublic
Current MRR , we have some monthly costs, such as vercel, aws, seo tools. Hopefully we start heading to $0 😅, what about you? already richer than me? #buildinpublic
seems like nothing, but it is great for me! I'm very happy, will sleep nicely today 💙 #buildinpublic
hanging on my project tightly. #buildinpublic
now we can start building some cool stuff ♥️ #starlink #buildinpublic
just another day in the life of an indie dev. #buildinpublic
Starting our journey, I'll be sharing every step, by the end of the year we want to increase at least 50x daily visits, and our first sale. Next year we should definitely reach ramen profit 💪. #buildinpublic
feels good to ship, we did it a bit early for SEO reasons, will still be working a lot of features, but for now we can choose 3 bases and 4 designs, any feedback from #buildinpublic community is welcome, time spend so far: 5 months, 600+ commits, 350hh coding.……
best partner is avoiding debt, less you need, close you get to quit your 9 to 5. thinking how to cut some credit cards to enable that, so not only MRR is useful, you could have 500MRR and be free. #buildinpublic
better than product quality, is having a nice team, we know that our team is our greatest asset., blue-panda community growing #buildinpublic