With Wayyy I want to allow anyone to collect feedback from their audience/followers/team/users with great-looking surveys and aim to make consuming the responses as simple as possible. Consuming the data has quickly become the focus when building the product. #buildinpublic
A new side project is in the works!

Join the waitlist to be notified of our launch 👇

It took me just under 8 weeks to go from design to MVP for Getlog, I was aiming for 4-6 weeks but overall I'm happy with what I've built! #buildinpublic
It's launch day for Getlog! 🚀

We are on ProductHunt, as always please check us out and join the discussion.

I've decided I'm going to push the launch of back a couple of days. It's 99% complete but just want to spend some more time testing.

I'll be pushing everything live and launching on @ProductHunt on Thursday! 🙌

Now, this I'm seriously happy with!

It's not quite 100% for the changelog pages but this is mainly down to the image format being jpg and not webp, this is something I plan on implementing in the future though just not for the MVP.

The homepage, happy with how this has turned out. 🔥

Custom domains are all set up and working nicely now on Getlog! I hit some (expected) delays with this, mainly around SSL certificates and the testing side of things but overall the implementation is good. 🚀

I have a launch day set for 🚀

It will be going live and launching on Product hunt on the 8th of November!

It's a little later than I had originally planned but it's still a 6 week build time from design to release. 🙌

Part of the Getlog onboarding flow -

A quick animation of the Getlog dashboard #buildinpublic
Some great progress on over the past few days.

Changelogs, team management and notifications are now done!

Next up is finishing off the homepage design and building it. Launching at the end of October is now looking possible. 🚀

Unfortunately, it's been pretty slow progress on Getlog the past week due to being down sick with a cold.

The current status is the front-end build is complete with back-end progress going well. I've got the company creation working, changelogs next! #buildinpublic
Dark mode for Getlog. Theme options are going to be light mode, dark mode and system (matching the user's default theme settings). #buildinpublic 🚀
Front-end progress is going well for Getlog.

I've got the foundations down and built out a bunch of basic pages like contact, branding, about, terms, privacy etc.

Next up are the signup/login/password reset pages. 🔥