It's Friday: What are your last tasks for the week?

Today I have set up some analytics for my product and I have to say that @LogSnag is an amazing product🤩

It makes it really easy to capture what is going on in your startup. I have not only set up some sales notifications but it alters me when the API breaks

Exciting news! I will be releasing a text editor soon, and it comes with my AI-toolbar out of the box. That way you can try out the toolbar without having to install the extension. Best of all, it will be completely free!

DM me or comment for early access.

I had a rather slow start to the week as I was feeling super tired, but that's okay.

What are you building this week? Share some screenshots 🖥️

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Summarize any text into a list 📝

Today I have been working on making the list shortcut in Shakespeare even more useful. Here is an example of how you can turn a meeting summary into a list of actionable tasks. A lot easier and faster to read ✨

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Is anyone else experiencing latency issues with the OpenAI API?

I am having quite a few troubles today

Simplified the header - less text, clearer communication

What do you think?

That dopamine kick when someone signs up for my waitlist - hits just different 🤩

I looks like whiskey but it is coffee and it is one of my favorite kind of coffees. Had a great focused afternoon session thanks to this drink 🏃

What is your favorite kind of coffee?

Currently working on the screen that shows up after installing the chrome extension.

What are you building this week?

Woke up to 100 followers today🥳🎉

Thank you everyone for following me on my journey! Yesterday I have gained over 20 new followers - so hi to everyone who joined recently.

I am super grateful and beyond excited on what is to come. Have a great sunday!

I have started an experiment - I am running Twitter ads now for one week

15 € per day - 7 days total

I will share the results and learnings with you very soon

I am currently working on some new copy for the Shakespeare landing page. I was not happy with the messaging of the version before - it is still not quite there.

Any feedback?

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I wrote 7 Twitter threads over the last 7 days!

Here is what I learned ⬇️

Don't go fancy - keep it simple and use what you know best! 🚀

Why always using the latest technology and a fancy tech stack are preventing you from launching a successful product ⬇️

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A new week ahead, many new possibilities!

What are we shipping this week? ⛴ #community #buildinpublic
Little coding session with the Bangkok skyline in the background ✨

What a crazy city 🌆

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Today I worked on making the toolbar less annoying - I have decided to hide the toolbar by default and it opens after pressing ⌘ + .

I am also adding more keyboard shortcuts that will improve the usability a lot.

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One thing I absolutely love about traveling is checking out many different coffee places to work at.

It brings me so much joy ✨

Where are you working from today? Do you have a favorite coffee shop?

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