I've been using Sendgrid marketing campaigns for years, but it's no longer available as a Heroku add-on it seems.

What's your favourite tool to send monthly marketing newsletters, and why? I'm considering switching to Mailchimp, Moosend or Drip.

We've launched a new feature in @rocketvalidator !!!

Now you can emulate different devices for your #a11y tests, using their screen resolution (width, height, and device scale factor) πŸš€πŸ“±πŸ’»πŸ‘©β€πŸ’»

#buildinpublic #a11y #automation
You can now test your sites at different screen resolutions with Device Viewport Emulation

#a11y #automation
Excited to see how the new devices / viewport selection feature is almost ready on @rocketvalidator #beta #buildinpublic

LiveView is awesome! #myelixirstatus
Yay! Today I'm celebrating the first Enterprise client in @rocketvalidator - this subscription plan is designed for large organizations with many developers working as a team validating large sites


#buildinpublic #accessibility
I'm celebrating the end of 2021 by launching a new beta feature in Rocket Validator, called "Guest Accounts", and giving away 5 free guest accounts with 10,000 credits/month today! (see details below)

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OK so it's finally out, Domain Stats in Rocket Validator get daily snapshots from validation reports and shows charts with the evolution of the different metrics

I'm tracking the recently launched site to test an upcoming feature in @rocketvalidator that will give daily stats for validated domains, showing the evolution in site quality for #html and #accessibility

#myelixirstatus #buildinpublic
Curious to get a quick report of #html and #a11y issues on your sites?

Check out @rocketvalidator - no signup required
We've opened up free access to - if you want to create a sample #html and #accessibility validation report for your site, you don't need an account now
I just finished migrating @rocketvalidator to @tailwindcss 2 and esbuild - development is much faster now that webpack is out of the way, esbuild flies!

#myelixirstatus #buildinpublic
OK, @rocketvalidator is now running Phoenix 1.6.0 and LiveView 0.16.4 πŸš€

It took me a while to migrate all the components and templates to HEEx but it's worth it, the markup is so much simpler and strict now.

Next: replacing webpack with esbuild

#myelixirstatus #buildinpublic
I've been working today at adding live logs to @rocketvalidator reports, to give a hint of what's going on in the background. I think this helps in giving the (real) impression that there's a lot going on while you wait for the first validation results to come. #buildinpublic
Every time I write a new blog post, @unsplash is my source for inspirational photos to enhance the presentation #buildinpublic…
Today we upgraded to Axe Core 4.2.0, four new accessibility rules have been added - there are now in total 95 #a11y rules being integrated into @rocketvalidator (on top of the ones from W3C HTML Validator)

Some of our clients wanted a better way to control our web spider when batch-validating large sites, so we now support plain text and XML sitemaps in @rocketvalidator to specify the exact URLs to check

#buildinpublic #html #a11y #webspider…
A recent site validation report generated in Rocket Validator, for a site with 5,000 web pages, found ONE MILLION HTML ISSUES.

Yep, each web page has around 200 issues, so that's like 1,000,000 in total for the report.

I could hear the Heroku DB screaming...

I recently learned that many people care for exact numbers.

Trying to simplify the information in @rocketvalidator reports, I chose to simplify them and instead of indicating the exact number of issues by their type, I just ordered them by their severity...