#buildinpublic Day 8 @
just focused on breaking down the idea today
Hey, I Will Beta Test Your App. ✌️
just tell me what I should test.
#buildinpublic Day 6 @
Working on the Explore Makers & Products page. It's live now

I launched mySalons last month.
7 Hair Salons joined so far, I will share my experience here...

Day 5 @
Be the first to join.🥳 Now back to reality. Yes. It sounds just as unappealing as it is. The so called community currently has one user. Me. A and exactly one post. By me.

#buildinpublic #buildinginpublic
Day 4 @
✅ Feature: now when adding your website url to your app page, we take a screenshot. It's displayed as first image in the gallery and as thumbnail.

🔴 LIVE result here:…

#buildinpublic #buildinginpublic
#buildinpublic ✅Feature: Makers & Products @

On the Makers & Product page as the name speaks all makers and their products will be listed. They can be rated, commented on, surveys and much more to support makers build their products.

#buildinpublic First post on 🥳

Need to work on pagination next there...

#buildinpublic Have a domain now.
Criadoro will be all about makers sharing valuable information to help each other out.

#buildinpublic Day Two 3 -
Today was productive 🥳 you can already sign up.
Choose Domain - done
Sign Up / Sign In - done
Newsletter Sign Up - done
#buildinpublic Day Two 2
Adding social features so you can share your product updates.
#buildinpublic Day One 1 🥳
My first build in public day. I have build several products in the past and sold one for a few bucks. Now I wan't to get back to building. First product is a build-in-public community platform, that supports those building in public.