🥳Passed @airdevco Milestone 2 with 100% score.

💪Ready for Milestone 3.

👇Here is the Product Hunt Clone that I built on @bubble as part of Milestone 2 Task.

#bubble #NoCode #buildinpublic #100DaysOfNoCode @100daysnocode
🥳Passed @airdevco Milestone 1 with 100% score.

💪Ready for Milestone 2.

👇Here is the RSVP app built on @bubble that I created as part of Milestone 1 Task.

#bubble #NoCode #buildinpublic #100DaysOfNoCode
👋Day 62 of #100DaysOfNoCode

✅Learnt how to embed tweets in @bubble. It's super easy.

🔥Added few tweets in DB & showed them by using the repeating groups.

👏Special thanks to @shikuwangombe's blog post.

#bubble #buildinpublic #NoCode
👋Gave the Crypto table alternate colours.

Used a simple Modulo function.

Thanks @CoachingNoCode for the tutorial.

#NoCode #buildinpublic #bubble #100DaysOfNoCode
👋Day 61 of #100DaysOfNoCode #NoCode

Learnt how to share any webpage to social media on @bubble & created the functionality to share it through:


🤯Hardly took an hour or so.
#bubble #buildinpublic
👋Day 59 of #100DaysOfNoCode

🔥Want to know how I built a slider menu in @bubble?

DM me & I would love to help🚀

#NoCode #bubble #buildinpublic @100daysnocode
Day 58 of #100DaysOfNoCode

➡️Learnt about Custom States in @bubble
➡️Watched a video on how to use it for building a multi step form.
✅Built it.

🔥Bubble is giving me wings.
#NoCode #bubble @100daysnocode #buildinpublic

🤯Check the output below & share your feedback👇
Day 57 of #100DaysOfNoCode

👋Completed Module 1 Videos of @airdevco #NoCode bootcamp.

Most of the videos were on Basic concepts of #bubble but it was good from a revision perspective, I must say.

Topics that were covered 👇
@100daysnocode #buildinpublic #learninpublic
Day 56 of #100DaysOfNoCode

👋I have decided to continue my #bubble journey with @airdevco No Code bootcamp.

🧑‍💻Started with the casual path for now. Will switch to the Professional path soon.

This is gonna be fun. Very excited🔥🔥🔥

#NoCode @100daysnocode #buildinpublic
Day 55 of #100DaysOfNoCode

👋It's important to put efforts in the right direction.

💪@bubble learning is going great but need to re-evaluate & see how can I pace up.

🤔Will do the deep thinking today.

See you tomorrow! 🚀

#NoCode @100daysnocode #buildinpublic
👋 Need suggestion: Which no code platform should I use to create my @bubble projects portfolio?

🤔 Should I create it on Bubble itself or on some other platform?

If other platform, then which one?

#NoCode #buildinpublic
Day 54 of #100DaysOfNoCode

👋Built "Focus Tweet", a platform to tweet without distractions, basically with full focus on @bubble

🤯 It took roughly 30-40 minutes.

🙏 Thanks @LeeLaunches for the tutorial.

👇Check it out🔥🔥
#NoCode @100daysnocode #buildinpublic
Day 53 of #100DaysOfNoCode

👋Built Salesforce Clone on @bubble by following @LachlanKirkwood tutorial on it.

I am sharing the video & what new did I learnt🔥

Tell me what do you think about it?👇
#NoCode @100daysnocode #buildinpublic
Day 52 of #100DaysOfNoCode

👋Building Salesforce Clone using @bubble. One more day needed for finalization & sharing takeaways.

✅Functionality completed for all 5 screens.
🕘Fixing the UI

Here is a screen👇
#NoCode @100daysnocode #buildinpublic…
Day 51 of #100DaysOfNoCode

👋Learning how to build a Salesforce Clone on @bubble by following a learning path shared by @LachlanKirkwood

The videos are easy to follow. Will share the project & take aways tomorrow. Stay tuned!🔥

#NoCode @100daysnocode #buildinginpublic
📢A new milestone - 150 followers🥳

👉Got 50 followers in July itself.

Might not be big for a lot of people here but special for me to see how people have started following my journey in #NoCode space.

👋Thanks to you all.

More to come!🚀#buildinpublic #100DaysOfNoCode
🤔If I give myself 5 hours to do something, I take roughly 6-7 hours to do it.

If I give myself 5 days, I take 5 days.

It is how it is.

👉Need to push the limits.
👉Keep strict deadlines. Even if I miss it, I will still be able to achieve a lot.

#buildinpublic #NoCode
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Day 50 of #100DaysOfNoCode

👋Created a Dashboard on @bubble. Just dummy content in the dashboard right now but doesn't matter since the fundamentals are clear 💪

Check it out 👇👇
#NoCode #bubble @100daysnocode